Sending off Chen Muchuan, Qiangwei's heart became complicated and he was no longer interested in reading those materials. He sat on the sofa in a daze, with a kind of loneliness and desolation. Zhou Yichan, Qiao Guodong, what on earth are they going to do? At such a time, they suddenly come to life and perform on their own stages. This is not a good omen. It's all right for Zhou Yichan. If Qiao Guodong jumps out and gives him a kick and a fall, the situation in Heyang is really not easy to control. For a long time; he felt the phone at hand; wanted to call the man; wanted to talk for a while. This feeling is too strong to resist. Whenever he was in trouble, he would always think of that person, think of that face, although that person could not help him substantially, but he just wanted to hear her voice, her voice seemed to have a strength, there was something to help him restore confidence. The number dialed half, a look at the time after eleven o'clock, Qiangwei hesitated again, could she have gone to sleep? Will you think too much about calling so late? His hands stopped, and his mind was suddenly at a loss. Pass again After a while, he picked up the phone again. He was really not willing to go through the long night alone. Sometimes people need comfort, but they need more strength. And in the high position of the secretary of the municipal party committee, you can call Wind and rain can make others bow down and even obey unconditionally. But These are not the kind of powers he refers to. No. What Qiangwei needs is a kind of spiritual rescue and a kind of spiritual chivalry. Or, nothing, just want to talk. The phone finally rang. It rang for a while and the other party answered. Qiangwei is a little nervous and a little uneasy. You Haven't you slept yet? 'he Asked, getting ahead of the other. The other party smiled and said, "No, I'm watching Korean dramas. I'm so excited.". ^ "Do you also watch Korean dramas?"? 11 Qiangwei is really surprised that she loves to watch Korean dramas. I've never heard her say that before. I am also fascinated recently,deep draw stamping, not to mention, Koreans are good at making tears. She seemed to be really fascinated, talking to Qiangwei and sighing for the characters on TV. On this side of the phone, Qiangwei could clearly hear the dialogue in the TV play. Said a few words, about 4 ^ just realized that the speaker is the secretary of the municipal party committee, then "my God", turned off the TV, serious way: "Secretary Qiang, you have not slept ah? 〃 I can't sleep. 11 Qiangwei tells the truth. 11"… The meaning of this sentence is so rich that she suddenly doesn't know how to answer. I want to ask you, is there any progress on the case of Xiao Kui? "Qiang Wei" Say. She hesitated for a moment and said, "Why did you suddenly think of asking this?" It's all right. I can't sleep either. Just ask. She was obviously aware of something, and she answered with a straight face: "This case is still on hold, and the situation has been reported to you. There is no evidence, socket screw plug ,die casting parts, and no one dares to draw a conclusion.". 11 "Zuo Nai Ni, what is he busy with recently?"? 11 "What else can he be busy with? He just wants to run away. Why, he's looking for you again?" 7, "No.". He laughed, for her frankness, for her reluctance. Taboo. You have to master the principle; this person; how to say; I think It's a little dark. 〃 "I know.". His speech began to shorten, and he always spoke with little effort. He did not need to make a long speech. He seemed to be able to get the point across in a few words. Rest early and don't stay up too late. She said. Know. 〃 "Your body is your own, and no one will love you if it is broken.". 11 She again Say Know. 〃 Then both of them had nothing to say, holding the phone and listening to each other's breathing. It happens all the time. Sometimes they can hold the phone and listen quietly for half an hour. All right, you can have a rest, too. You can't even watch TV. 'finally He said. She seemed very obedient and pressed the phone quietly. Chapter 2 Lao Kui, the "Evil Man" ―1^ The explosion was unusually loud. No one expected that it would ring under the court building. It is shocking and deafening, and it can make people lose their breath. It's really thrilling! On this day, the People's Court of Dongcheng District of Heyang City was in a solemn and solemn atmosphere, and the People's Congress at the two levels of the city and the people's Congress at the two levels of the city jointly formed a "construction according to law". The Leading Group of Harmonious Social Work is reviewing the civilized law enforcement work of the People's Court of Dongcheng District. At the end of last year, the Dongcheng District People's Court failed to pass the review of professional ethics and was given a yellow card by the two levels of the city. Now the time for rectification has come. If it still fails to pass the review this time, the Dongcheng District People's Court will have to change its team. The review venue is located in the multi-functional conference hall on the fifth floor. Early in the morning, the court staff were busy upstairs and downstairs, cleaning up, cleaning the corridor again, enlarging balloons at the door, and hanging bright red banners. By the time everything was done, the leaders at the urban and district levels, as well as deputies to the National People's Congress, had already attended the meeting one after another. Dean Zuo Zhanwei was particularly energetic on this day. Despite the sultry weather, he was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, dressed very neatly, and did not dare to be careless at all. Her hair had just been washed and dyed the day before at the Wiggs hairdressing shop, and her face had been treated with Thai beauty, and the lost luster seemed to have been restored. Xu Yanrong, the female president of the Second Civil Court, jokingly said, "The president is radiant today, just like the bridegroom.". Zuo Zhanwei chirped in the corridor and saw a staff member standing not far away. He whispered, "Be serious. I dare not make a joke.". Xu Yanrong was bored, but he didn't feel uncomfortable. He smiled and went to Fengyi Hall. Zuo Kui looked at Xu Yanrong's back and sighed in his heart: Women are different from women. Xu Yanrong can make men desire at any time. Heard the sound of footsteps coming from downstairs, hurriedly put away the fantasy, footsteps. Solemnly go to Duiyi Hall. At the moment of entering Duiyi Hall, Zuo Cheng suddenly thought, should there be a way downstairs? Gang? Just as I was about to tell the director of the office about this matter, I thought to myself, now that we are building a harmonious society,Investment casting parts, will it appear that we have a guilty conscience and let others make use of the topic to play indiscriminately? Heard that the procuratorate there review, because of the post, let Qiao Guodong a wolf criticism.