Hanluo took it apart and couldn't help exclaiming, "Well, it seems that His Majesty Gwobi has the same feeling. He has informed me through the Big Dipper and the Great Emperor of the Starr Empire that he intends to hold an emergency meeting. It seems that he also has new ideas!" With that, Hanluo stood up excitedly. After turning around a few times in the living room, he arched his hands to the Blood Beast Emperor and others and said, "Dear seniors, the military situation is urgent. Please forgive the younger generation for retiring first!" The Water Demon King smiled and said, "Please help yourself, Marshal. We old guys are going to see that huge warship. To tell you the truth, I've never seen such a huge thing in my life. I'm going to enjoy it." Hearing the words of the water demon king, the blood beast emperor and the magic dragon made the same nod. Now that several old-timers have said so, Hanluo is no longer polite, once again after the arch hand, then turned out of the marshal's office, while walking in the direction of the headquarters while issuing instructions, called all the senior staff of the headquarters to prepare for a major revision of the new battle plan. At the same time, Hanluo secretly gritted his teeth in his heart. Before, because of the extreme backwardness of science and technology, every plan he made was based on passive defense as the main goal. Now, with such a big boost, he has to turn defense into attack! And the warship of the King of Beasts,pipe fittings manufacturer, as expected, finally stayed in the air outside the Shield of Mayin! Although it was already midnight, such a huge warship was too conspicuous, and it was easier to see the huge warship in the dark, and it was shining with all kinds of wonderful brilliance, so in addition to causing some confusion at the beginning, after confirming that there was no hostility from the beast king's warship, the whole people of Mayin's shield. All could not help but run out to see the huge battleship. Only a few years ago,38 tube fitting, when the rosefinch of the four sacred beasts appeared over the shield of Mayin, could it be compared with such a grand occasion. Just when the rosefinch appeared, it was only a short moment, but now the beast warship is really staying outside the city, which makes the crowd of onlookers is more and more! Ya in the control room can not help but have a headache, he drove the beast warship from thousands of miles away to this, on the one hand, there is no material needed by the members of the warship, so we need to find a larger refreshment station, and the shield of Mayin is the nearest and largest supply point. On the other hand, it is not hoped that the huge and imposing strength of the Beastmaster Warship will enhance human faith and let all human beings know that human beings themselves have such a big backing to support them! But now it seems that the effect of the second purpose of Asia seems to be too good, Asia is convinced that after tomorrow, the whole world will know that there is such a powerful beast warship. But again, a large crowd of onlookers helped spread the news, but it also seriously affected the first purpose. Now, 14 tube fitting ,stainless steel needle valve, with so many onlookers watching, it was not convenient for him to leave the ship at all, let alone ask the Tyrone Empire for supplies! Just when Ya felt a little constrained, Taishi's voice suddenly sounded: "Ya, I found that the Blood Beast Emperor, the Water Demon King, Feiyun Daojun, the Hercules King, the Holy Day Priest, and the Ice Inflammation Demon Dragon Envoy were flying towards us at a high speed!"! "Strange, how could these people get together so coincidentally and fly together?" After saying the identity of the bearer, Taishi added another sentence to express his doubts. Ya is stupefied, say immediately: "Show me!" Show me! An image suddenly appeared in front of Ya. Sure enough, the Blood Beast Emperor and several other old-timers were flying here. Ya immediately said, "Taishi, hurry up to meet these old-timers!" Ya hurriedly recalled the happy Wolf Star who was strolling inside the battleship of the King of Beasts. At the same time, he said without looking back, "Because you have been sleeping for the past two years, you don't know that these old-timers have already gathered in the headquarters of the allied forces with their respective disciples.". "On the one hand, for the sake of the coming decisive battle, on the other hand, the blood beast emperor's predecessors add some powerful magic beast weapons to enhance their personal combat power!"! "This time it seems that the momentum of the Beastmaster Warship is too big, which makes these old people curious, so they will come together!" Chapter 4 Military Exercises [More exciting, more good books, all in [5 1 7 Z. c O m] Soon, under the arrangement of Taishi, Ya and Greedy Wolf Star led the Death Team to an open part of the surface of the Beastmaster Warship, arranged neatly to meet these old-timers, and Taishi cooperated more to make the hull of that part shine brightly, so that several old-timers could notice Ya and others standing on it at a glance. But this also has no way, the size of the beast king warship is really too big, Ya this hundred people stand on the beast king warship, if not through this way of guiding with light, to let these old-timers see Ya them, it is as difficult as letting them find an ant on the elephant! Sure enough, Taishi's painstaking efforts were not in vain. The Blood Beast Emperor and others circled slightly in the sky right above the Beast King's warship, and then fell in the direction of Ya and others! Without waiting for Ya and others to see the ceremony, the blood beast emperor could not wait to squat down and knock on the body of the beast king's warship with both hands, while the others could not keep their eyes rolling around. But Feiyun Daojun still remembered that there was a younger generation in front of him, and he happened to be the one he loved and valued most. So he quickly came to Ya, patted Ya on the shoulder, and said kindly, "Good boy, I didn't expect you to be so capable that you could get such a big warship. When you told us, Grandpa, I thought it was just a small boat!"! I didn't expect it to be so big. Come on, tell Grandpa,stainless steel tube fitting, where did such a big guy come from? And what does this big thing do? What's his name? With a series of questions coming out of his mouth, Feiyun Daojun almost couldn't wait to pull Ya's arm and walk quickly on the vast ship. After hearing Feiyun Daojun's question, the others thought that the person in front of them was the best person to solve their curiosity about this big guy. chinaroke.com