They passed by a room where several soldiers were pressing a wounded soldier. The wounded soldier's left hand was empty, but his right hand was holding an arm. He shouted loudly. The blood of his left arm stained his whole body, and the soldiers who were pressing him next to him were stained with blood. Hand! My hand.. Whoo, whoo! He frantically roared and struggled to get out of the grip of his comrades-in-arms, while the nurse next to him anxiously fiddled with the syringe, "You hold him down, hold him down!"! I have to calm him down, otherwise he can't be bandaged! Qin Tian looked stunned, suddenly the wounded soldier with a broken hand raised his head, his eyes fixed on him standing in the doorway, and roared fiercely: "Hand!" Qin Tian's scalp tingled for a while, and he almost couldn't move his legs. Seeing the officer walking farther and farther with Qin's mother, she hurried to keep up with him, almost with his hands and feet. Excuse me, why are there so many wounded in the suburbs of Paris? Qin Tian couldn't help being curious and asked the officer in a low voice. In order to reduce the pressure on the front line and save medical supplies on the front line, if conditions permit, the seriously injured will be transported here, at least the medical conditions here are good, and there is no need to worry about the waste of supplies. The officer paused and somehow raised a sarcastic smile at the corners of his mouth. "It's better for the seriously wounded to come back and see if there's any value than wasting supplies at the front." Qin Tian shook, she was frightened by the strange tone of the officer, do not know whether it is radical Nazis or cynicism, anyway, it looks the same as Heinz, as expected close to the black ink. Along the way are screaming wounded,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, some places even covered with blood too late to clean, do not know that here is the front hospital, Qin Tian walk cold sweat, has been with the officer on the third floor, just barely quiet down. The officer took her all the way to find an office, no one inside, he put Qin mother on the vacant bed beside the desk, let Qin Tian in the side guard,ball valve manufacturer, then went out to find a doctor. Qin Tian touched Qin Mu's forehead, still hot, mouth full of blisters, and then touch underwear, has been wet, but the body is cold, breathing is also quite fast, she can not help but some complex, if really determined to send Qin Mu to the courtyard, to take care of themselves, do not know whether it is OK or not, it seems or sent to the hospital insurance. As soon as she poured a glass of water into Mother Qin's mouth, the door opened and a sprightly old military doctor, wearing a white coat over his uniform, strode in with a serious expression, followed by the officer. That's her. The officer pointed to Qin's mother. Qin Tian hurriedly stood up, holding the cup, 12 needle valve ,14 needle valve, a little at a loss: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to touch your things, it's really my mother..." "It's all right. You should drink more water." Military doctor spoke, the tone was very soft, with the elderly slightly hoarse, he came forward to listen to Qin Mu's heartbeat, looked at the pupil and mouth, said, "no big deal, injection, take medicine.." Lieutenant Dodge, I need you to move this woman to the ward next to mine. There's a bed available. Lieutenant Dodge, the officer, picked up Qin's mother and walked out of the room without saying a word. Qin Tian is a little worried, no big deal? So what's the big deal? She thought about it and asked the old military doctor, "I don't mean to offend you, but my mother seems to be burning a little badly." It's not a small thing. The old military doctor took a sip of cold coffee and looked at Qin Tian with a half-smile and said, "Girl, if you came from the first floor, you should know that your mother is really no big deal." Qin Tian was stupefied and felt her face burning. She saluted and said, "Hello, doctor. You can call me Ann." "Schmidt." The doctor nodded slightly. "Now you can go to see your mother. I'll ask the nurse to bring the medicine later. If you need anything, you can ask her. Your mother will probably be better the day after tomorrow." "Thank you." Qin Tian also want to ask how much money, her idea of the hospital is a massive hemorrhage, she must be sure that in this hospital of lack of materials she can cure Qin mother's fever without ruin, but on second thought, to leave the hospital the day after tomorrow, during the medication is not sure, or ask later. She went into the ward. It was a collective ward. There were eight beds in two rows. Six of them were lying down. Most of them were asleep. Two were chatting with the visitors. Qin's mother was lying on the window. A nurse was already doing a skin test for Qin's mother. Lieutenant Dodge was watching. Qin Tian went over and looked at Qin's mother for a while. He turned to Dodge and said, "Thank you for sending my mother up and helping her find a doctor." Dodge's expression didn't change. "You're welcome. I did what I was told." Where did the command come from? The three of you didn't communicate with each other all the way. Did you use telepathy? Qin Tian is speechless. "This is your hospital, my mother is here, will it.." she asked worriedly, looking around as if there were Germans. "It's not like you don't pay." Dodge hit the nail on the head. Qin Tian swallowed a mouthful of blood secretly and said with a forced smile, "Please ask me to tell Officer Heinz that I will pay back his money." "I will convey it." Dodge nodded slightly and said after a while, "I have a job to do, so I'll leave first." "Then take care, please." After a while, after the success of the skin test, the nurse gave Qin's mother an injection, told her some dietary taboos, and then left, leaving Qin Tian worried. Seeing that it was almost time for dinner, the nurse said that their hospital provided meals for the sick, but the accompanying people had to deal with it by themselves. It seems that she has to go back to the old house and bring the food. This suburban hospital is not very far from the seventh district. She still has the money to take the subway. When the time comes, she will go to the compound to borrow some money. Maybe she can go to the martial law area to have a look. It's been so long. It's time to lift it. In this way, the situation will be much better. But first, she had to wait for Qin's mother to wake up before she could rest assured. And so on, it is dark. Watching Qin mother heat began to drop, sweating is not so fierce, Qin Tian a little relieved, can not stop the fatigue surge, leaning on the bed closed his eyes. As soon as she closed her eyes,brass tube fitting, she was patted awake. Turn your head. Heinz just withdrew his hand. Is that you? Why are you here again! "Follow me." Heinz grabbed Qin Tian's arm and lifted it up without any pity. What Qin Tian is forced to stand up, "a little while my mom's meal should come, what thing is so urgent?" "Ogu." 。