Guo Fu asks again: "How did he become beggar again?"? Why is our dog-beating stick in his hand again? "Isn't that easy to figure out?" Asked Huang Rong? Huo Du betrayed his master. He was afraid that his master and Elder Martial Brother would look for him, so he disguised himself and changed his appearance. He mixed up with the Beggars' Sect. He was muddleheaded and did not show any edge. In more than ten years, he was promoted to be a disciple of five bags step by step. Of course, no one in the Beggars' Sect suspected him, and the Golden Wheel National Master could not find him. But such a wicked and conceited man will never be buried in this life, and when the time comes, he will do a big job. It was the leader of the Lu Sect who went out of the city to make an inspection tour. He crouched on his side and suddenly killed him. When he did it, he showed his true colors and left him alive. He asked the disciple to bring back a message that it was Huo Du who killed Lu Youjiao. After he grabbed the dog-beating stick, he hid it in the iron rod. When the general assembly of this gang elects the leader of the gang, he can put forward the important matter of'finding and returning the dog-beating stick '. This is the gang rules handed down from generation to generation, and who can refute him? Alas, Huo Du, a traitor, is so calculating that he can be regarded as a personal hero. "But with you, Mrs. Kuo," said Zhu Ziliu with a smile, "even if he can fake it for a while, he can't hide it from you." Huang Rong did not answer with a smile. "Huo Du is in the Beggars' Sect," he said to himself. "If he never shows up, he can deceive me. But if he wants to be the leader of the Beggars' Sect, he looks down on Huang Rong." "Yang Guo is a great boy,tube fitting manufacturer," said Zhu Ziliu. "He was able to see through Huo Du's plot. He not only recaptured the dog-beating stick, but also exposed Huo Du's true face. Later, he will avenge Master Lu. This gift to Miss Guo is not small." "Well," said Guo Fu, "it's just that he happened to know about it. It's no big deal." Guo Xiang thought to himself, "Big Brother saw me holding a memorial ceremony for Lu Laobo outside the Yangtaifu Temple that day. He knew that Lu Laobo and I were good friends, so he tried his best to avenge me. Well, this gift is really not small. His intention.." He suddenly remembered something and said,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, "Although Huo Du plays the role of an ugly beggar in the Beggars' Sect, he sometimes makes trouble outside in his true colors.". Shi Sanshu, one of the Shi brothers, had been wounded by him. He thought that Shi Sanshu was intent on seeking revenge for him and finally found his trace. Huang Rong nodded and said, "Yes, there are always traces of Huo Du in Jianghu. Others will not think that I am the same person as He Shi in the Beggars' Sect.". He Shi I, He Shi I, you see his pseudonym, is to take himself as a teacher. If a person thinks he is too great, he will fail one day. "Mother," said Guo Fu, "why did Master He say he was going to kill Huo Du again? Isn't that stupid? "It's just a cover-up," said Huang Rong. "It just makes others even less suspicious." "Yang.." said Guo Fu. Since Brother Yang knew that I was Huo Du, he should have said it long ago. He shouldn't have let me hurt Brother Qi. "Yang Guo is not an immortal," said Huang Rong with a smile. "How did you know that Qi Er would plot against this man?" "But my eldest sister is an immortal, 38 needle valve ,hydraulic fitting supplier," said Kuo Hsiang, "so I put the soft armor on my brother-in-law first." Guo Fu glared at her and couldn't help feeling proud. Guo Jing and Huang Rong went to Qinglingzi, Lord Zhao, the deaf-mute Tuo and other masters, as well as the Shi brothers and the ghost of a cave in the Western Hills, and solemnly thanked them one by one. Some of them even poured wine to toast. All the heroes were summoned by Yang Guo, and there was a great benefit to the people of Xiangyang and the Beggars' Sect. It was not just a charm from Bo Guo Xiang. As he spoke, both Darba and Huo fought harder on the stage. The two of them were taught by the same teacher, and they knew each other's martial arts. Darba won because of his great strength, and Huo was good at agility and lightness. He fought hundreds of moves, regardless of victory or defeat. Suddenly, Darba gave a loud shout, and the gold pestle was thrown at Huo Du. The gold pestle weighed more than fifty catties, and it was extremely fierce under the throw. Huo Du was taken aback. He had never seen Elder Martial Brother use such a trick in his life. "He's been fighting for a long time," he said to himself. "Is he coming?" Busy sideways dodge. Darba rushed forward and hit the gold pestle with his palm. The gold pestle turned around and chased Huo Du again. Huo Du was shocked. He realized that he had followed Shifu around for more than ten years, and Shifu had passed on his profound martial arts. The skill of throwing the golden pestle was changed from Shifu's five rounds of flying and smashing. Seeing that the force of the golden pestle was too strong, he could not resist with an iron fan, so he had to slip and lean to avoid it. The golden pestle swept across his head, with a difference of no more than two inches. The Dalbajin pestle was thrown faster and faster, and the torches around the high platform were stirred by the wind, flickering on and off. Huo all jumped and dodged in the pestle shadow, and often could not be sent. The audience held their breath and looked at such a dangerous situation, all of them were shocked. With a sudden shout, Darbar pushed the pestle with both palms, and the golden pestle shot out like an arrow. Huo is standing at the stage at this time, unable to dodge, with a bang, the gold pestle is hitting the chest. He hung limply and lay motionless under the stage. Darba put away the gold pestle and cried three times. He sat cross-legged in front of the Younger Martial Brother and recited the "Death Mantra". After reciting the mantra, he stepped down from the high platform and walked to Qinglingzi. He held the gold pestle high and returned it. Qinglingzi, however, refused to accept his weapon and said in Mongolian, "Congratulations on your cleansing of the scum of your school.". Shendiaoxia spared you and told you to go back to Mongolia and worship Buddha with pure heart. You can't come to the Central Plains again. "Thank you, Condor Hero," said Darba. "The young monk has done as he was ordered." With what salute, float away. When Guo Fu saw that Huo Du was dead on the stage, his face was bloated and horrible. He didn't believe that his face was fake. He pulled out his sword and jumped onto the stage. "Let's see what this traitor really looks like," he said. And cut his nose with that tip of his sword. Suddenly Huo all shouted loudly, jumped high, and split his palms down in midair. It turned out that he was hit by the gold pestle and was seriously injured, but he was not killed immediately. He deliberately remained motionless, waiting for Darbar to come forward and look at him, and then he struck a death blow and died with him. But Darba sincerely recited the incantation, wishing his reincarnation into the good way, but it was a good intention, so he couldn't do it at that time. Guo Fu came up and cut his face with a sword. Huo is in the middle of this blow, will be the strength of the body to make out. When Guo Fu saw the resurrection of the corpse, she was so frightened that she forgot to wield her sword to resist it. The soft armor on her body had been lent to her husband, and she saw that her life was going to be lost under Huo Du's hands. Guo Jing,needle valve manufacturer, Huang Rong, Yelv Qi and others jumped up at the same time and all wanted to come to the rescue, but their potential was not enough.