Xiangyi's life is as calm and happy as ever. After three months of running-in, the family gradually adapted to this place. The family's savings gradually increased, and everyone's face was full of happiness. In winter, eating hot pot around the stove, they felt unusually warm. Now it is the day when ice melts and snow melts, and spring blossoms. Yu Xi they also did not go to Goulan romantic land, even Xiaoxiao are honest, it is because the romantic land of the big city is too amazing. As soon as the second child went in, she was dragged away before she could speak. Several people rushed up and scared her to run all the way and fly away from the window. Yu Xi still remembers that day she ran back and said, "Grandma, a man like a wolf is more terrible than a woman.". Rui is now completely alone, and she has the right to make decisions in the shop. Yu Xi occasionally goes to inspect, and at other times she is responsible for coming up with ideas to do experiments at home to teach Xiao Si to play the piano and study. Xiao Xiao is responsible for transportation. However, now every day at home is a matchmaker who comes to talk about marriage. The room is filled with portraits and materials of the sons of various families. Yu Xi has a headache, so he simply takes Xiao Si out for a walk. Sister Xi, what does that sell? Xiao Si drew on Yu Xi's hand with his hand. It seems to be a grocery store with antiques, calligraphy and paintings. I'll show you. Yu Xi looked and went in with Pian Xing. Waved back the boy who came to inquire, and the two of them looked slowly. This is the moonlight white jade cup, which can be as bright as the stars in the dark night, and can make the taste of ordinary wine become sweeter. This is the dipterocarp, salivary incense, benzoin and storax, which are very fragrant when they are put alone. If they are mixed together, they will be even more wonderful, and can make people have an illusion that they are like heaven. This is ice silk, water sheepskin,collapsible pallet box, Xilu ginseng, wild ginseng, black pearl, purple coral, lapis lazuli, tear light stone, agate stone, water rosy carpet, moon falling cloth,secondary containment pallet, sandalwood ebony, immortal gallbladder. Yu Xi told Lian Xing quietly, and Lian Xing saw too many things to see, and admired Yu Xi for knowing so many things. Sister Xi, how do you know? Swipe gently with your hand. Looking at Xiao Si's big black eyes, Yu Xi whispered, "At that time, I bought a mess of books, all of which were on it.". I don't know how many times your sister Xiao made trouble with me. She felt dizzy when she saw the book and almost burned it while I was away. Or Rui rescue in time! "" "Hey, hey!" Xiao Si was even happier when he remembered his favorite Rui and his second sister. Let's go and see how they sell. "Good!" Yu Xi and Pian Xing were about to leave when a man turned out and shouted, "Your Excellency, stay!" "What's the matter?" Yu Xi felt very strange. Didn't you see anything after looking at it for so long? The speaker was a man with a veil on his face, dressed in red, with ivory white skin on his hands. Such as the green blood and loyal heart of a gentleman, such as the crystal clear white of a snow-capped mountain, appropriately interwoven, but not abrupt, the pity star directly froze, plastic pallet containers ,collapsible pallet box, but the next moment woke up in the voice of Yu Xi. This young man, I'm sorry to disturb you. The poor and humble are full of sorrow! The last sigh, full of pity for beautiful things, points out the meaning of appreciation, and does not hide his poverty, but does not feel ashamed of poverty at all. ……” "May I go, please?" Yu Xi raised his voice "You go!" After reacting for a long time, the man spoke. Long after Yu Xi left, the man in the room said a disappointed word, "Can't you get it back if you lose it?" What do you think you are? Is not our national teacher's pet, if not see you have such a skill, even the roadside dog is not as good as, cheap, shameless, the man who can be a woman, get out quickly, don't make a fool of yourself here! A sarcastic woman smacked him in the face. A plain carriage drove slowly out of the city. In late autumn, on the anniversary of Uncle Shui's death, Yu Xi persuaded others to return. In front of Uncle Shui's grave, she took out the Zizhu Dongxiao, which she always carried with her, and played "Acacia". This is what Uncle Shui did for her when she was 12 years old. It seems worthless to outsiders, but it is her deepest memory of Uncle Shui. "Long Love" is one of the two songs she remembers from her previous life, and the other is the Buddha Mother's Quasi-Refreshing Mantra. Now, this song can best reflect her feelings. After a song, tears wet clothes. Suddenly, the man in purple next to him made a strange sound, "What is the decency of a big woman crying?" "Fate is over, but if I forget him, he will really leave me!" Yu Xi wiped away her tears, turned around unhurriedly, and said, "Forgive me for disturbing you two." "Husband?" The man in blue beside the purple frowned and asked. No, it's an uncle who has the grace of nurturing. "Yu Xi's mouth is gently raised." "Miss, you have made a big mistake!" The blue coat continued. It's just a fact. It's a respect for the deceased. I won't shut up about it, and there's nothing to hide! Yu Xi is still neither humble nor pushy, "just two childe, your friends have anything to say, let them say directly to me, hide and hide to consume the spirit." Suddenly, a letter fell into Yu Xi's hands, and the two men disappeared. The letter reads: Yan Xin yuan, He Huan Hall, Hai Shi. Explain to the second brother and the third brother that Yu Xi is going to keep the appointment. Although the second brother wanted to go with him, he was stopped by the third brother and had to give up. Yanxinyuan, the largest courtyard, can be heard far away from the scene of debauchery, laughter and joy. Yu Xi is still holding a flute, hands behind her back, wearing her gray cloth, walking inside, two purple ribbons on her hair swinging with the wind, obviously looks very ordinary, but reveals a feeling of floating like a fairy. As soon as she set foot on it, seven or eight shepherds surrounded her, and the procuress of Yan Xinyuan heard that she had made an appointment with someone in the Hehuan Hall to take her there. After entering,drum spill pallet, I saw seven people, five women and two men, gathered around the table waiting for her to arrive. I wonder if you girls and childs have something to meet? "What do you think?" Asked the woman in orange. I'm so dull that I really don't know! Yu Xi's heart is three points clear and seven points alert. binpallet.com