In our high tech culture today, where we have the capacity to send emails, create iPhones, build airplanes, harness nuclear,and solar energy, we seem to have lost touch with a power far greater. The power of Life. The power of the SOUL. The power of our very own Infinite nature.

Up until now MIRACLES have been left to special saints, guru's, and chosen masters. Miracles have become some far out and unusual experience rather than a natural experience in our everyday living.

In our scientific world, everything needs to make sense and be logical. We seem to have lost touch with our capacity for awe, innocence, wonder. Increasingly, we have become disconnected from the flow, from our true source, to the point where we are more surprised when so called out of the ordinary things occur, that we call these miracles. Yet, miracles are available to us each moment.

Times are changing now. The miracle workers simply reflect to us our own highest potential within. They are simply mirroring to us our real selves. They live beyond the mind, and are in tune with Life, and are thus lived by life. And life works through them.

When you live in the mind you limit yourself to the known, based on the past experiences rather than the infinite possibilities of life. When you go beyond the mind you access a field of pure potentiality and in this space life can unfold effortlessly through you.

It is your time now

When you are in tune with yourself, miracles happen, as an effortless by product. Then it is impossible to not experience miracles. Miracles become your natural state. The way it is. Living a miraculous life becomes your new norm.

It is time to stop merely acim  the great ones but to embrace, accept and dare to step into our own magnificence and Divinity. It is time that we humbly recognize that, that which we are projecting is what we actually are. What you are able to see in another is that which you are already. When you are able to acknowledge your true SELF, you realize the living miracle that you are, and the possibilities are endless. Then infinite creative intelligence will rise to meet you in a co-creative dance.

With all the many changes going on in our world today: old systems collapsing, and old paradigms evolving. So many folks are feeling an sense of fear and instability. Many seem to be blaming, finger pointing, ranting and wondering when someone is going to come and fix it all for us. Well guess what?

The government isn't coming. Your parents aren't going to rescue you. The aliens aren't coming. The white knight on the horse isn't coming.

No one's coming... because YOU are already here.

You are the ONE. You are the one that you have been looking for. You are the miracle that you have been seeking.

I have had the opportunity to travel to many amazing sites. and wonders of the world. All these wonders pale in comparison to the power, beauty and realness of your SPIRIT. You are formless, without shape, size, color, or name. Fire cannot touch you, wind cannot extinguish you, water can wet you. You have no price tag. Your SPIRIT is infinite and Free.

The real wonder of the world is not the pyramids, Angkor Wat, Niagara Falls, the Himalayas, the Taj Mahal, but YOU. You are it and the miracle is You