Wholesale Garbage Sorting Bin Material:Plastic Place of Origin:Hebei Handan, China Usage:Outdoor, indoor/office/public Shape:Rectangular Type:Outdoor DustBin,Storage Bucket Size:Can be customized Color:Many colors are available Products Description: 1. It is used for collecting, storing and transporting various types of household waste (glass, plastic, paper, etc.) 2. They are characterized by high strength, lightness, ease of maintenance and transportation, a variety of colors. 3. A tight-fitting lid prevents the spread of odors. 4. The material used is resistant to aggressive chemicals. 5. It is easy to clean and can maintain its good appearance and functional quality for a long time. Plastic trash cans also have a good display for more cleaning. We habitually throw garbage into the trash can. For many children, it will also have better educational significance, prompting it to be displayed in use. It is different from the way it is used in the material. Ease of cleaning is also the advantage of plastic trash cans, which more shows the more humane design concept of trash cans in use.Wholesale Garbage Sorting Bin website:http://www.china-xiangshi.com/garbage-sorting-bin/