As an experiential knowledge which he shares with us from the realms of his superconscious states,that what is born out of the union of a male and female body (Bindu) is a Hindu.

Hindu is a way of life to be lived and realized with deep significance given to the body as a temple. Sanatan means without which you cannot exist. That which is eternal is you and you are Divine. Its just because of the veil of maya that you feel trapped and tired in the events of the world. Originally you are Pure, everpresent, ever blissful and eternal.

Jayshri Daduram Seva Trust:

The Ashram is a two story building, with Temple, community kitchen, washing area, dining area and meditation hall in lower floor and top floor is the resting place for Sadguru.

The shrine also enjoys the breath taking views of farmlands on which is was built originally and occasional gusts of winds cradles the lush green vegetation of the surroundings. All this and given the serenity and high divine frequency with which this place reverberates, will give an instant calmness to your restless mind.

Shri Premdhara Ashram

Chanwada Dham

Shri Daduram Bapu

Mansarovar das Bapu

Bapu sadguru Mansarovardas bapu

The Maharashtra Ashram is just located off the main road at Navkhada post, Nagbhir. Its a remote countryside enjoying its aloofness from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Standing tall next at the foothill of the mountainous range is the prime location of the Ashram. The craggy terrain with rocks and pebbles pave the way to the main entrance of the Ashram. Interspaced in between such rugged landscaping are the lush green farmlands of the residents.

This breathtaking view has more to offer not just a scenic temptation of the sight. The inherent peace and serenity falls upon the visitor as a clear indication of the high energy rich field of this area.

Maharshi gir Gau shala  | We at Jayshree Daduram Seva trust bring to you, "with just one click "an opportunity to feed and contribute for the Divine cows, many of which have been rescued and given shelter in our Gaushala. You are invited to be a part of our LOVE and SERVE GAUMATA campaign!

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