China 1 x 6 finger jointed primed pine New Zealand pine finger joint board is a home material crafted from high-quality radiata pine wood. Radiata pine wood is a highly adaptable, high-quality softwood with the advantages of medium density, uniform structure and strong stability. Thanks to these excellent characteristics, the board made of radiata pine is not only not easy to be eaten by insects, but also not easy to rot due to the influence of the external environment. New Zealand pine finger joint board has good nail holding power and strong permeability, so it is extremely easy to dry, maintain and color. Many people may see the name "radiata pine" and think it has radiation. Let's say: of course not! Radiata pine is 100% non-toxic, so New Zealand pine finger joint boards can be used to make furniture such as wardrobes, shoe cabinets, and chairs. Tips 1. Severely pungent wood is likely to be poisonous or produced with inferior paint. It is recommended to use after ventilation. The way to get rid of odors is to put plants that can remove formaldehyde from tea leaves in cabinets and drawers. 2. Don't worry about ordinary solid wood furniture that emits a wood smell! The smell of some logs is beneficial to human health. For example, the aromatic gas emitted by cypress furniture has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, drying dampness and killing insects.China 1 x 6 finger jointed primed pine website: