Secure and enforceable by law

In almost every developed nation, electronic signature for human resources are recognized as valid and enforceable. Since that paper might go through several hands while being signed and that you never know who may have viewed your document, they are frequently more secure than handwritten signatures.


Employees can spend their valuable time more effectively by streamlining processes with electronic signatures. No more hunting out a printer to mail documents from! You'll spend less money on postage, paper, and ink for envelopes.

Environmentally friendly

Because they use fewer paper, resources, and physical storage space, electronic signatures can help you run more sustainably and lessen your environmental impact.

Especially when signature is required, efficient paper destroys workplace efficiency. With measurable time savings, e Signatures encourage quicker document sharing and approval.

Client adherence

If you make form online document signing simpler, a consumer is more inclined to do business with you. Nobody always has access to a printer or the desire to print, sign, and mail documents. It's a win-win situation, and you benefit from speedier agreement closure.

Remote work assistance

The hassle of requiring in-person transactions is gone thanks to electronic signatures. By enabling workers and consumers to conduct transactions while at work, home, or elsewhere, you may support a remote work environment.

When is electronic signature use appropriate?

Learn how electronic signatures streamline procedures for any department in any sector.


Contracts with partners and pricing offers can be completed by sales representatives using electronic signatures. Also, they speed up the process of accepting quotations, proposals, and terms and conditions.

Human Resources

A large number of documents are handled everyday by HR teams in human resources. Documents pertaining to health insurance, company policies, and the onboarding of new employees or contractors can all be signed electronically.


Bankers and other financial experts can assist clients with opening accounts, submitting online home loan applications, and requesting debit or credit cards by using electronic signatures.


Electronic signatures can be used for order confirmations, contracts, change requests, and requirement sign-offs.


Electronic signatures can be used by purchasing managers and team members to finalize master service level agreements, vendor contracts, finance agreements, and statements of work.

Legal professionals can employ electronic signatures with clients that require NDAs, powers of attorney, and compliance forms.

How do you create an electronic signature?

Simple to create

With Deliver files for signature requests in common document formats you already have, like PDF, DOC, DOCX, and picture files, the preparation of electronic signature documents is made simpler. Do you need to collect information before using the e-signature? You have the option to include text fields, date boxes, checkboxes, and more when using an electronic signature for human resources.

In addition to being simple to make, e-signatures are also quick. Reduce the time it takes to send requests and improve your experience by setting up your document with only one click using unique automatic field detection. Send the same request for signatures form repeatedly? For frequently used papers sent for e-signature requests, electronic signature for human resources provides reusable templates. With the use of templates, users can email papers for speedy signature without having to create them from scratch.

Quick to send

Documents can be sent through email, a secure link that can be shared widely, or by simply being integrated on your website with an electronic signature for human resources. This enables your business to share documents that need to be signed in a way that best suits the circumstance, whether its sending contracts or nondisclosure agreements to a particular group of people, sending out an annual employee handbook update to all employees, or making applications that are intended to be completed by anyone with access publicly available.

Often times, individual recipients are sent one document at a time while sending contracts or nondisclosure agreements. Some papers, such as an employee handbook update distributed annually by the HR department, are sent to a wide number of recipients all at once. Applications, for instance, are frequently made accessible to the general public and are designed to be completed by anybody with access. E-signatures with electronic signature for human resources come with capabilities that let your company obtain online document signatures in the ways your company requires.

Quick to sign

Sending signed documents makes signing simpler by providing step-by-step instructions to signers. Our user-friendly navigation flag and real-time progress indicator help to decrease errors and omissions and enhance the signatory's experience. Supports unique branding and enhances the signing experience. Showing customers your logo and colors enhances brand legitimacy and enhances the user experience. Observe how expert, unique branding enables your business to present its finest face in the image below.