Retouching photos of your jewelry can be a great way to improve their aesthetic appeal and showcase how stunning the pieces are in an eye-catching manner. However, if you’re new to this process, it can also be intimidating, and you may worry that you’ll end up ruining your images if you start playing around with them too much. Thankfully, as long as you know what to do and avoid making these five common mistakes when retouching your jewelry photos, it will be easy to make them look great!

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Step 1: Create a Set

Create a set of four to six high-quality photos, taken from different angles and in a variety of natural and studio lighting. Include close-ups of your pieces as well as photos that capture the shapes, colors, and patterns for various scale pieces.


Step 2: Get Rid of Unwanted Objects

*Extract Objects The first step in retouching is getting rid of any unwanted objects from the photo. Even if you’re just taking a simple product shot, you may want to get rid of anything on the table or in the background that distracts from your jewelry. The first time I ever used Photoshop was for retouching, and this tool has since become my favorite. Just highlight what you want to get rid of and go to Edit -> Delete.*

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Step 3: Use Action Shoots

Action shoots are a creative way to display your jewelry product because they show the jewelry in its natural state. If you need some ideas, try having someone model in their everyday life, whether that's working out or going about their day.


Step 4: Edit Correctly

#4 Edit Correctly - If you’re using a smartphone camera to take photos of your jewelry, be sure you can see all the detail in the jewelry. If you have professional photography equipment or access to it, shoot with available light as opposed to bright artificial lights that can make it difficult for your camera sensor to capture the image well.


Step 5: Add Color

Contrast is key in retouching, but don't take it too far. Adding a few well-placed pops of color can make an image really pop and grab attention. With regards to jewelry, it's good practice to keep the majority of your palette muted and let a few items show off more vibrance. This creates contrast without being overwhelming or distracting. To accentuate these items, apply more saturation and vibrancy along with adding some clipping masks for the focal point of each piece.


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