Who we are?

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Rosy Serenity, where we believe that ordinary moments should be elevated. Peshtamel towels made of 100% cotton that is not only useful but also aesthetically pleasing and luxurious are our first priority in meeting your needs. Because they are woven in the traditional manner of Turkey, our towels are exceptionally plush and absorbent, and they continue to improve in these qualities with each cycle through the washing machine. Our towels are constructed with durable fibres that can resist repeated washings and are therefore designed to last for a long time.

At Rosy Serenity, we think that life should be enjoyed, and the great versatility that our towels provide to your daily routine is one way that we help you do so. Our towels provide the ideal combination of fashionable appearance and practical utility, making them the ideal choice for a wide variety of uses, including relaxing on the sand at the beach, having a picnic in the park, or wrapping yourself in comfort at home. In addition, they are wonderful presents for loved ones, bringing a feeling of luxury into the rhythms of everyday life that they already lead.

We are pleased to give you this opulent peshtamel towel, and we have high hopes that you will take pleasure in using it just as much as we do. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the finest quality goods and the utmost care from our service, and we are enthusiastic about doing everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations. We encourage you to get in touch with us using the channels of communication that are outlined on our website in the event that you have any inquiries or comments.

We are grateful that you have chosen Rosy Serenity. We believe that our towels will offer you joy and help elevate the ordinary occasions in your life.


We hold the belief that the happiness of our customers is the most important thing we can achieve. We are dedicated to giving you an amazing shopping experience that is crafted specifically to match the requirements of your individual lifestyle.

When we go shopping, we always make it a point to purchase items that are of the highest possible quality and to receive attentive care and individualized assistance. We will do everything in our power to make sure that you can locate everything that will improve both your day-to-day life and your health as a whole.