30 Minutes A Day: Social Media Marketing for Busy People

The average adult spends 95 minutes on social media apps everyday. With just under four billion users across platforms, social media is a marketing behemoth that millions of creators use to share their work and build successful businesses. fiction Audiobooks

Content creators and entrepreneurs are keenly aware of social media’s potential ability to expand their audience, generate brand awareness, and produce leads.

But let’s face it: social media marketing is time-consuming. No matter which way you look at it, researching your audience, creating content, and engaging with followers takes time.

30 Minutes A Day: Social Media Marketing for Busy People

The Complete Guide to Building Simple & Effective Sales Funnels

A high-converting sales funnel is an invaluable marketing asset that empowers creators and entrepreneurs to automate lead generation — from awareness all the way through to conversion.

Funnels focus on relationship building, as opposed to making a quick sale. They work to attract interest and collect information, allowing creators to build stronger connections and prove an offering's benefit. This is accomplished with free, valuable knowledge, empathizing with pain points, product test-runs, and more — ideally ushering leads toward making a purchase and becoming loyal customers.

Businesses that nurture leads pay less (33%) to acquire customers while increasing sales (50%). This is significant when you consider that marketers use nearly half of their budget on lead generation. Small businesses and creators can take advantage of these opportunities too.

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