SSN Not Needed For Bank Account

A (social) security number not needed for bank account, per U.S. government website

A page by the United States government states that a (social) security number is not needed.

Can I get a checking account without a social security number?  CPN Software Generator

You are not required to have a social security number to open a checking or savings account. (source)register cpn with irs bank account

It goes on to say about the bank account:

To open a checking or savings account, the bank or credit union will need to verify your name, date of birth, address, and ID number. An ID number can be a social security number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). To get an ITIN, you will need to fill out a form with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) .

Or register your CPN number with the IRS with to get a bank account

If you don’t have a U.S. government-issued SSN or ITIN, some banks and credit unions will accept a passport number and country of issuance, an alien identification card number, or other government-issued ID number.

Visit different banks and credit unions to find out what types of accounts they offer, and what types of ID numbers they accept to get a bank account.

As we find the (social) security number is not mandatory to get a bank account at or in more and more places or situations, the number can be eventually not used. It’s not mine anyway; it belongs to a person/persona/company.

It makes sense that the nine-digit number is not required because when applying with the nine-digit number, one applies as a PERSON/PERSONA. While without the number, one applies as a man. A man does not have a number.

A social security number is not needed for the portpass/passport either.

I once started a corporation for a small business to learn about accounting. While in the midst of that, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between a corporation, which has a nine-digit number, and the social and even the nine-digit bank routing number. In fact, I might argue that the nine-digit number is a routing number. And I think I read once that people when using the nine-digit number are considered banks, in that they have the number and they (likely) have cash/deposits in their pocket or wallet or purse. Corporations have bank accounts, but people can have them as well; we just have to ask to be treated as people, not persons.

I’m still trying to find out what ID stands for. It doesn’t mean identity because the letters i and d are the first part of id-entity. Entity means a business.

Code of Federal Regulations

The CFR (31 C.F.R. 306.10) explicitly states that non-resident aliens (meaning state nationals) not engaged in a trade or business (meaning a public office!) are not required to use TINs or SSNs

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