How to Use Media Measurement the Right Way


Are you using media measurement the right way? Our guide shows you how to optimize your strategy for maximum results! A critical skill today’s digital marketers should have is the ability to measure social media campaigns. Virtually every business is on social media, as it’s boomed in recent years and is becoming a breeding ground for advertisements and various creative campaigns. If done correctly, media measurement can be a significant boon for businesses and their overall marketing success.


How to Measure Social Media Engagement - Despite more companies than ever using social media to their benefit, there are still some common pitfalls marketing teams fall victim to when measuring their engagement. For example, it’s wise for marketers to be clear on how they’ll measure their campaigns and design marketing efforts accordingly. Below is more information on how to measure social media engagement in five simple steps.


  1. Determine Measurement Goals - How does one measure their marketing effectiveness without first setting clear objectives? Marketers can generate a list of measurable goals regarding their social media accounts. 


  • Do they want to grow their following?
  • Which channels are most relevant to their aims?
  • What’s the ultimate goal of using social media? 


Once marketers set their goals, they can figure out the next steps for media measurement.


  1. Create Metrics - Next, marketers should determine metrics to measure their marketing success. Which ones will be most useful if the business is trying to increase customer engagement? If companies want to measure their brand awareness, they should consider using metrics like volume, reach, exposure, and amplification. Choosing the right metrics for media measurements is critical. With the relevant metrics, marketers will find it easier to determine if their team is getting closer to reaching its goals.


  1. Capture Metrics - The following step involves using the best media measurement tools to capture the relevant metrics for media content. In some cases, social media platforms — like Twitter and Facebook — offer various analytical insights to a company’s marketing team. If a business uses other platforms with no analytics, it must research and find the right tools for the job.


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