An unfinished basement can be an excellent storage place and an area for your exercise equipment. However, because it’s not finished for everyday living, most people aren’t down in their basements that often. If you go down into your unfinished basement and discover moisture pooling, you may be forced to wonder how long that water’s been there and, more importantly, where it’s coming from. Keep reading to learn about the possible causes of water in your basement.

Intrusion from Saturated Soil

Concrete is a naturally porous material; if it’s not sealed correctly, water intrusion can occur. When the soil around your basement becomes extremely saturated with moisture, it can force some of the water through weak points in your basement walls. This might include leaking around the windows, but the water can permeate the concrete in some cases. If the water doesn’t have a clear source and seems to be coming from the walls themselves, then this is likely the problem, and you may need to look into better basement waterproofing.

Water Heater or HVAC Equipment

Water heaters can develop leaks in the tank or pipes that connect them to the rest of your home. It shouldn’t be too difficult to detect if the water is coming from your water heater, as most of the moisture will be around the appliance. If your water heater and HVAC equipment are located in the basement, these could also be the source of the moisture. If you can’t see exactly where the moisture is coming from on the water heater, it’s best to call a plumber instead of trying to fix the problem yourself.

When it comes to your HVAC equipment, most people don’t think of their AC or heater as a source of water, but the truth is they can create a lot of condensation as they run, which can start to pool if it’s not draining correctly. If it looks like the water is coming from your HVAC equipment, a technician should be able to help you figure out how to deal with the problem, so it doesn’t happen again.

Broken Pipes

Even if your basement still needs to be plumbed for a bathroom or other water-using spaces, pipes will likely run through the walls, ceiling, and even under the basement itself. A leak in the pipes that run up to the rest of your home should be fairly obvious since the walls of an unfinished basement will easily expose the problem. However, if the moisture is coming up through the ground itself, you could have a leak in your underground water main line. If this is the case, you need main line repair in Sacramento, CA, immediately to avoid severe water damage to your property.