Semi-truck drivers face many challenges on the road, including inclement weather. One of the most dangerous weather conditions for truckers is a flash flood. A flash flood is a sudden, rapid rise in water levels that happens quickly, sometimes in a matter of mere minutes. Flash floods can seem like they come out of nowhere, taking everyone in their path by surprise. These floods are incredibly dangerous; the force of the sudden rush of water can carry away the largest big rigs, plus their drivers and all their cargo. It’s critical that truck drivers take the necessary precautions to prepare for and stay safe during a flash flood.

Essential Precautions

Truck drivers can be proactive about staying safe during months when the risk of flash floods is high by taking the following precautions:

Check the Forecast

One of the most important things drivers can do to prepare for a flash flood is to check the weather forecast regularly for all areas on their route. They should pay close attention to all flood warnings or alerts issued by local authorities. When a flash flood warning is present, truckers need to avoid driving in the affected area by planning a different route or pulling over until the danger has passed.

Prep the Truck

Truck drivers need to make sure their vehicles are prepared for bad weather. Prepping the truck includes actions such as:

  • Checking the tires and brakes to ensure that they are in good condition.
  • Inspecting windshield wipers and headlights to make sure they are functioning properly.
  • Stocking an emergency kit that includes items such as blankets, food, water, and a first aid kit.

Approach Water with Caution

Truckers need to slow down when they see water on the road. Even a small amount of water can cause a vehicle to hydroplane or stall, either of which is incredibly dangerous. Additionally, driving through standing water is rarely a good idea, especially if the depth is uncertain. When drivers encounter standing water, they should turn around and go another way. If there is no alternative, they should proceed with extreme caution and avoid driving in the middle of the road, where the water will likely be deeper.

Prioritize Safety

Drivers who find themselves in flood conditions need to stay calm.

  • Call for help and let someone know what’s going on
  • Seek high ground
  • Wait for rescue

When in doubt, turn around; don’t drown.

Final Thoughts

While truckers face considerable challenges on the road, those challenges are what make driving for a living such a compelling profession. Every day is different, and transporting cargo across long distances requires smarts, hard work, solid problem-solving skills, and a thirst for adventure. Preparing for flash floods is just one of many abilities talented drivers learn. Find quality semi-trucks for sale in San Antonio and put your commercial driving skills to the test.