brandy distillation equipment is a fermentation tank used for anaerobic fermentation (production of alcohol, solvents, etc.). The structure is relatively simple. Fermenters used for aerobic fermentation (production of antibiotics, amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, etc.) require large amounts of sterile air to pass continuously through the tank to account for air utilization. Fermenter structure is more complex, commonly used mechanical stirring fermenter, bubble fermenter and lift fermenter.

brandy distillation equipment common sense is as follows:

1, when installing, disassembling and disinfecting the tank, pay attention to the pH electrode and the fragile and expensive parts of the tank.

2. In the fermentation process, the table should be kept clean, the used culture bottles and other items should be cleaned in time, and the spilled acid, alkali or water should be dried immediately.

3. Before turning on the power supply of the brandy distillation equipment, be sure to check whether it contains cooling water and temperature probe. If we don't put it in, the heating circuit will burn out.

4, before sterilization, be sure to check the height of the liquid level in the tank. All electrodes must be below liquid level.

brandy distillation equipment can be divided into mechanical stirred ventilated brandy distillation equipment and non-mechanical stirred ventilated brandy distillation equipment according to different types of equipment. According to the growth and metabolism of microorganisms, it can be divided into aerobic brandy distillation equipment and anaerobic fermenting tank.

brandy distillation equipment