SMT Stencil in stock Product introduction: 聽聽 Metal Solder Paste Stencil Metal Solder Paste Stencil Size: 60cm*60cmProcess: etching and polishing Requirement: To locate the MARK pointProduction requirements: Top/bottom Purpose: SMT solder paste netCharacter: No 聽 2. Processing method of PCBA steel mesh: In PCBA processing, steel mesh is a kind of auxiliary equipment needed in SMT patch processing, and it needs to be customized according to different PCbas. There are three ways to make steel mesh: 1) Laser processing method: the advantages are: the manufacturing speed is faster than the chemical corrosion method, easy to control the opening size of the steel mesh, the steel mesh wall manufactured by laser processing, there will be a certain conical existence, which is also more convenient for PCBA processing stripping. 2) Chemical etching method: chemical etching method is the initial processing method in the manufacturing process of steel mesh. The advantages are: equipment investment required low capital and low production cost. The disadvantages are: accuracy is not accurate enough; If the corrosion time is too short, will cause the steel mesh hole wall produced sharp corners; If the corrosion time is too long, the size of the hole wall will be enlarged. 3) Electroforming: steel mesh formed by continuous accumulation and accumulation of metal materials (mainly nickel) is mainly used. The advantages are: the steel mesh opening made by electrocasting has high dimensional precision, smooth hole wall, and the opening is not easy to be blocked by solder paste. Whether the steel mesh is processed by chemical corrosion method or laser cutting method, the opening will be blocked by solder paste in the actual solder paste printing process of PCBA processing, so the steel mesh needs to be cleaned regularly. The disadvantages are : high manufacturing cost and long production cycle. 聽 3銆乄hat are the advantages of Smt stepped steel mesh? Metal Solder Paste Stencil Smt step steel mesh through the use of precise thinning process, so as to obtain a variety of thickness of steel sheet material and the application of polishing template and other production process of the template, and the production of this kind of steel mesh can be well adapted to the production needs of enterprises, so it is very popular, so does the smt step steel mesh in our production has any advantages? 1锛?High quality and good material Top smt stepped steel mesh is made of autocratic hard aviation aluminum, and each of its mesh frame is assembled on a case-by-case basis, so the high quality of the steel mesh can be guaranteed. Secondly, the steel mesh will be strictly tested in accordance with standard procedures before leaving the factory, so that no defective products will be allowed to leave the factory. 2锛塖trong shock resistance and light weight Smt stepped steel mesh of high quality has the outstanding characteristics of strong shock resistance and light weight. Due to the damping measures taken inside the steel mesh, it can be better guaranteed that it will not be damaged when moving and using. Secondly, compared with the weight of the traditional steel mesh, the weight of the stepped steel mesh is more advantageous, because the size of the SMT components and each part is smaller. It would also be relatively light in weight. 3锛塃xquisite production technology and low price Smt stepped steel mesh is manufactured by exquisite processing technology, and is strictly controlled in every detail, so as to ensure that the steel mesh can have a longer service life. In addition, the steel mesh is recognized by people for its unique price advantage. Its price will be set in strict accordance with market standards, so as to provide consumers with more affordable price of stepped steel mesh. So that's what it has. 聽聽 4銆?Metal Solder Paste Stencil: Metal solder paste stencil: The printing templates used in the printing press are collectively referred to as smt steel mesh. Because of the different fields and manufacturing processes, the names are also different. Now we will classify the smt steel mesh for you As you know, the Metal Solder Paste Stencil is used to brush the solder paste. The hole corresponding to the solder plate of the printed circuit board is carved on the steel plate, and then the solder paste is transferred to the printed circuit board through the steel mesh. When printing solder paste, place the circuit board under the smt steel net, apply the solder paste to the steel net, and then scrape the solder paste evenly on the steel net with a scraper (the solder paste will flow down from the steel net and cover the circuit board when squeezed) paste the patch components, uniform reflow welding, and solder the plug-in components manually. 聽聽 5. How to improve the precision of steel mesh: 1) Spot size: the spot size of the laser beam after focusing. The smaller the spot size of the laser beam, the higher the accuracy 2) Platform position accuracy: platform position accuracy is the positioning accuracy of the workbench. The higher the XY axis positioning accuracy, the higher the cutting steel mesh position accuracy 3) The thickness and material of steel sheet: the thickness and material of steel sheet determine the size and accuracy of the opening of steel mesh. Linchuan Precision selects 304 imported materials with high flatness and is not easy to deform when heated, and higher precision 4) To achieve accurate control of focus: the smaller the focus depth of the focusing lens, the smaller the spot at the focus, so the focus position can be effectively controlled on the metal surface, to achieve the improvement of cutting quality. 5) Optimization of cutting and perforating technology: because the laser cutting machine belongs to thermal cutting, it is also necessary to penetrate a small hole on the metal sheet first, and then the laser beam begins to cut the sheet from the small hole. 聽SMT Stencil in stock website: