The ceramic melting fondue pot set comes with ceramic melting base, removable ceramic melting bowl, 4 removable scalloped ceramic dishs. The white ceramic dinnerware set centers around a circular chocolate melting pot, with white ceramic trays forming a circle.

The Chocolate Fondue Warmer is made of high-quality, durable, high-temperature resistant ceramic for even heating. We can put chocolate, cheese, butter into the ceramic mug. Then light the tealight candles, and the even heat distribution keeps them at the ideal temperature.

Chocolate Melting Pot Fondue Set Using: The white ceramic melting pot heats the chocolate evenly until it melts, it pre-melts the cheese and keeps it warm. The melted chocolate can be served with your favorite dips, such as fruit, cookies, marshmallows, candies, and more.

This ceramic melting pot fondue set with 4dishes is suitable for many occasions, such as picnic, afternoon tea, beach, party, buffet and party table. We can use the ceramic melting pot to create delicious dips to enjoy with favorite fruits, vegetables, cookies, snacks, marshmallows, cakes and more.

Chocolate Melting Pot Fondue Set Supplier

TYZ Ceramic is a professional ceramic products manufacturer, we offer wholesale ceramic chocolate melting pot fondue set in different colors and sizes. We also offer fondue forks and wooden trays for this ceramic melting pot set.

This ceramic candy melter fondue set is a great choice for presenting any type of food, other desserts or appetizers. These ceramic cutlery can be placed on a dedicated tray without taking up much space.

Ceramic tableware is stackable without taking up much cabinet space. The smooth white ceramic dishes are easy to clean and are dishwasher and microwave safe.