Once we go with this journey, we believe we need to learn and understand a lot, that we need to understand what mysticism is. a course in miracles facebook Yet, when we get into this mystical direction, the reason is to produce precisely what stands in how of receiving inner guidance and following that.


As we start to offer ourselves over to the guidance, we begin to see that people were wrong about everything we thought we knew. That's what guidance is leading us to, to the happy realization of, I was wrong about all of the painful judgments and beliefs about myself and everything else.

In this sense, a mystic can be referred to as a person who stays very relaxed in the realization of, I don't know, and I'm taken care of.

So What's Mysticism? It could be reached and experienced using A Course In Miracles.

We are able to claim that mysticism is devotion to God. It is just a single-pointed devotion to God. Whenever you wake up each morning, your sole purpose is to attain eternity. That's the only real purpose there is! Now you may ask, “How?”

It's by allowing miracles to come through you that you become magic worker. You feel consistently miracle-minded; you consistently come to your right mind—today's moment and escape hatch to eternity.

Whenever you give your heart to God and say, "Here I'm Lord,” it focuses the mind just like a beam of light for God.

Even as we come nearer to the mystical Heart of Christ, we come nearer to the Heart of God. By laying aside all judgment, and enabling this simple and serene state of mind, we go beyond this world. This can be a state of mind that is above the battlefield and has accepted Christ within.

As Jesus teaches in A Course In Miracles, "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the Peace of God." -Intoduction to ACIM.

There are no further words to express, just quiet hearing the song of Heaven.