China Milling Machine Product Description Mixer X6436 Turret Milling Machine structure is compact, rigid, can carry heavy load cutting. Mixer X6436 Turret Milling Machine spindle motor power is high, wide speed range, give full play to the cutting tool performance, high speed cutting. Mixer X6436 Turret Milling Machine body adopts advanced cast iron, after artificial aging treatment of high precision, long service life. The work table adopts rectangular guide rail for longitudinal travel, with many contact surfaces, good stability and rigid foot. Mixer X6436 Turret Milling Machine tool has the perfect lubrication system, the guide rail surface can be centralized lubrication. Mixer X6436 Turret Milling Machine slideway, pillar, triangular body, all working mesa after high frequency quenching, long service life. Then the guide grinding fine grinding, machine tool movement accuracy and life is good. Mixer X6436 Turret Milling Machine can be realized, lie and Milling processing function. Two section rotary milling head and spindle can be rotated and adjusted at any Angle. Can be used to process shell and mold. Worktable X, Y direction motor feed, Z direction electric lift. This kind of product belongs to general purpose machine tool, especially suitable for single piece, batch production and tool, repair department. Can process all kinds of plane, bevel, groove gear, T groove and so on. It can be equipped with digital display ruler, optional combined pressing plate, indexing head, rotary table and other milling machine accessories to expand the range of adding. Product Parameter SpecificationsX6436 Table size1370x360mm (1500x360)mm Table stroke1000x320x500mm T-type slot numbers / width /space3-18-80mm Distance from spindle axis to table surface0-400mm Spindle taperISO50 Spindle speed range锛坰teps锛?/p>48-1660(V)rpm 60-1800(H)rpm Milling head swivel range360掳 Spindle motor power4KW Overall dimensions2070x2025x2020mm Machine weight2480kg X6436 Turret Milling Machine spindle adopt energy consumption brake, the brake torque is big.X6436 Turret Milling Machine X, Y, Z three directions guide rail, deputy super audio quenching, precision grinding. X6436 Turret Milling Machine operating system through the arms hanging over the side of Machine tool, optional three-axis digital display, digital reading, processing and more accurate. Application X6436 Turret Milling Machine steel-toed to any Angle, rotating bed; Steel-toed 6th gear, X6436 Turret Milling Machine used for drilling, Milling flat, reaming and scraping the end face, and other forms of processing. Company Information Packaging锛哠hippingChina Milling Machine website: