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Rh negative blood type has various strange facts related to its origins, and there are many misperceptions and confusion about this blood type among people. People generally have different positive and negative blood groups, but not everyone knows about the Rh negative blood type origin and bloodline. Some people even consider it to be an alien blood type or an illness. However, in reality, being Rh negative does not affect human health.

The Rh negative blood origin is an interesting story. Karl Landsteiner discovered the Rh blood group around sixty years ago by isolating rhesus factor from the blood of rhesus monkey, which was later found in human beings as well. Therefore, it was named Rh after the rhesus macaque monkey. The Rh blood group is currently the second most important blood system after ABO, and any errors in the transfusion process can be fatal.

Rh factor is a protein that is present on the surface of red blood cells and is inherited in blood cells. If Rh protein is present, the blood is Rh positive, and if it is absent, it is referred to as Rh negative blood type. Rh negative blood type is not an illness, but pregnant women with Rh negative blood may require special care if the baby has Rh positive blood.

Rh negative blood type is rare around the world, with its highest presence being recorded in Africa, at 25 to 35%. No evidence has been found to connect Rh negative factor with race. Only 1.5% of the donor population represents people with Rh negative blood group.

Rh negative blood type can be a risk for pregnant women as Rh sensitization may occur if fetal cells have Rh positive blood cells while the mother is Rh negative. This can lead to future complications in pregnancy, and physicians can prevent blood incompatibility through timely diagnosis. Failure to identify the issue can result in severe complications during pregnancy, such as raised bilirubin levels, jaundice, or even mild to severe anaemia, which can be fatal to the child. Therefore, consulting an expert gynecologist is essential for the birth of a healthy child in cases where the mother is Rh negative and the father is Rh positive.