Major commercial research initiatives undertaken or funded by leading players in the market have leveraged findings from the global research initiatives, leading to a massive scope for genetic engineering, genome sequencing services, and their commercialization. The organizations are conveying organic and inorganic growth strategies to contend and compete in the market. Since the ligase market is divided on the basis of various product types along with their application-based utilization, the companies are focusing on launching innovative and technologically advanced products and engaging in acquisitions, collaborations, and strategic partnerships to strengthen their presence in the market.

Ligase Market is projected to reach $651.4 million by 2032 from $371.2 million in 2021, at a CAGR of 5.29% during the forecast period 2022-2032. The growth in the global ligase market is expected to be driven by factors such as the increasing prevalence of infectious and genetic diseases on a global level, rising awareness of enzyme based diagnostic testing and significant funding for executing research and development.

Market Footprint and Growth Potential

Significant investments by companies to meet industry demand, the growing adoption of ligase among major end users, and the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases are the major factors propelling the growth of the global ligase market. As their major function is to catalyze the reactions, they have been found to have diverse applications in which enzymes increase the rate of reaction while diagnosis and diagnostic technologies are the first line of defense to fight against chronic and infectious diseases.


Market Segmentation:

Segmentation 1: by Product

Segmentation 2: by Source

Segmentation 3: by Application

Segmentation 4: by End User


Impact of COVID-19

The current global ligase market comprises kits and enzymes. The unexpected crisis of the pandemic has surged the demand for essentials, and thus, increased the demand for ligase enzymes. There was increased demand for ligase enzymes from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Overall, the impact of COVID-19 on the global ligase market size has been low-moderate. Some of the market players have reported a slight decline in sales. However, there are some new entrants in the global ligase market that are expected to witness a growth in the market. There is also a decline in revenues mostly as a result of the initial phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, which comprised complete lockdowns across countries and major cities, thus interrupting the supply chain. Several other products are under development for years that may take longer than the 2-4 years for commercialization. The pandemic has played a key role in enhancing the growth prospects of ligase-based molecular diagnostics and is expected to indirectly aid in improving the market growth outlook.

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Key Questions Answered in the Report 

  • How is ligase enzyme revolutionizing the field of enzyme-based diagnostics? 
  • What are the major market drivers, challenges, and opportunities in the global ligase market? 
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  • How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact the global ligase market? 
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  • What are the key regulatory implications in developed and developing regions pertaining to the use of ligase enzymes? 
  • What are the potential entry barriers that are expected to be faced by the companies willing to enter a particular region? 
  • How is each segment of the market expected to grow during the forecast period 2022-2032, and what is the anticipated revenue to be generated by each of the segments?
  • What are the growth opportunities for ligase enzyme-providing companies in the region of their operation? 
  • Who are the leading players with significant offerings in the global ligase market? 
  • Which companies are anticipated to be highly disruptive in the future, and why? 

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