I feel that there is a kind of pain that makes me unable to breathe in my present life, which makes me regret more and more that I have to beat the six sandbags on impulse, so that I can't walk. Every time I have a simple chat with Wei Shao as if nothing had happened, God knows how abusive that feeling is. It's really not good. Really, I think maybe I will collapse in the next moment. At this time, thanks to Xiao Lian, I tried my best to chat and laugh with Xiao Lian. With my back to him, Miss Katie would join in. We chatted happily. Wei Shao often said nothing, but the way he looked at me always made me feel the eyes behind me. Every day will come, there is a feeling of exhaustion. At night, I often dream about the scene of my previous life. The pain is like the sea. Then I wake up crying in sadness, and then I can't sleep all night. My face was very bad. Miss Katie asked with concern. I said I had a little illness. I just asked to stay in the villa and check the security measures of the villa. In the evening, I arranged another bodyguard to accompany Miss Katie and stay in the villa to start the so-called security overhaul. While they were busy, Miss Kitty's voice came. "Ye, I heard you were not feeling well. Wei and Lin came to see you. Are you happy?" I am very unhappy. Are you the one who is happy? Lin Xiaolian walked over quickly and said, "Elder Martial Brother, I'll help you, too." Without waiting for me to refuse, I had already started. I had to explain to her one by one the use of these circuits and instruments, as well as the input of computer programs. She had learned all these and got started very quickly. With her help, the efficiency improved a lot. Unfortunately,outdoor ficus tree, I didn't want to improve the efficiency at all. I just wanted to procrastinate. Wei Shao and Katie in the side chat, Miss Katie is obviously very excited, but unfortunately Wei Shao is still light to deal with, I feel suspicious, so different from the previous life of Wei Shao, how to attract women? The previous life of Wei Shaohua shuttle, with ease, coax women have a set,artificial plant wall panels, now Wei Shao is obviously taking the cold road, how can there be women rush? This is so hard to understand. But these are none of my business, and let me more sympathize with Wei Shao, even if women all over the world like him, when he looks at Lin Xiaolian, there is only sadness. This thread should match like this. A pair of hands reached over, took the wiring from my hands, connected it skillfully, and handed it to me. I took it, without looking up, and heard him chuckle overhead: "How many secrets do you have worth discovering?"? Genius Ye Jinyi? Prince of the Night? Night killing? Night killing is the nickname given to me by the gunner world in recent years, because I mostly do tasks at night. The name of night killing has replaced the night prince. After all, a prince is not fit to be a killer. I lightly: "Always want to live, ah, I learn things, faux ficus tree ,silk cherry blossom tree, are the skills to live, and you learn is always different." Wei Shaowei smiled: "In fact, what I learned is also the skill of living. We are no different." I stood up and said to Xiao Lian, "It's finished." Then called the other bodyguards, said in detail again, let them go to the layout, I nodded to everyone: "I go to wash my hands." Wei Shao took two steps and said to me, "Come to Wei's house. There will be a suitable place for you." The Wei family? The former Wei Shao can't go back. What should I do when I go back? After coming out of the house, Xiao Lian followed me all the time. I walked very slowly, looking at the scenery in the distance, and said softly, "Xiao Lian, if you like a person, but you can't say it to him, will you suffer?" Xiao Lian was silent for a while and said slowly: "At the beginning, but slowly you can be happy, because it is your own business to like a person, and if you want the other person to like you, it will become an exchange." I smiled: "Xiao Lian is really cute, but very silly." Women are stupid. Xiao Lian smiled happily and said, "Elder Martial Brother, you just laugh now, so I can feel relieved." I flicked her head and said, "Oh, life is not free, so it's not interesting to laugh. You are young, and you have to worry a lot. Let's go and drink something." Xiao Lian smiled like a flower and said, "Elder Martial Brother, please mix me a cup of Flying Snow in July. I think it tastes good." I laughed: "You feel very injustice ah, ha ha, later do not knock you, have become silly." I may have knocked Ye Xiaodi away. It's really sad. We drank and chatted together. Miss Cathy had the piano brought out and played happily on the grass. Beautiful music and delicious food, as well as delicious drinks, it was very comfortable for a picnic party. Xiao Lian also played some, pushing me up to play. How can I remember this? Basically, I have no enthusiasm for skills that have nothing to do with survival. A bodyguard? Do you need high art? After thinking about it, she played it casually. Xiao Pian grinned. Katie smiled, "Is this a Chinese song?"? Very interesting. I hummed with a smile: "The sun will climb up tomorrow morning when it goes down, the flowers will bloom next year, my youth will disappear, my youth will never come back.." Xiao Lian also sang along. My youth is gone forever. My love will not come back. On this day, we were very happy to sing and dance. I also took Xiao Lian to spin and dance on the grass. Wei Shao sat at the piano and played a light tune skillfully. Katie leaned against the piano and turned over the score for him. The servants roasted fresh meat on the stove. The fragrance came. The sunshine sprinkled golden spots among the leaves. Everything was very beautiful. How nice it would be if time could stay on this day. I will always remember the bright smile on Xiao Lian's face, just like a dewy rose in spring, delicate and fragrant. When I sent them away, because I was absent-minded, I didn't notice anything unusual. When the gun rang out, I was pushed away. When I pulled Xiao Lian,silk olive tree, I clearly saw that she was shot in the forehead. I pulled out the gun and shot wildly. Holding Xiao Lian's body in my hand, the pain tore me apart. The sniper was killed by my shot. I shot all the bullets on him crazily. Until there were no bullets. I threw down my gun and knelt down feebly. I hugged Xiao Pian and called her name in despair. There was some blood on her beautiful face. Her beautiful eyes were still wide open. There was my shadow. I opened my eyes wide in despair. It was the last image in her eyes. She looked at me like that, with a slightly upturned smile on her lips. hacartificialtree.com