"Mingming, you were so handsome just now." Ma Yuemei's petite body twisted and said with a thumbs-up. Don't you call me Mingming. He Ming said cheerfully. Why can't Xiaomin call me if she can? Ma Yuemei immediately complained. If you can't scream, you can't scream. He Ming said with a smile. Ma Yuemei was not angry and punched the little girl coquettishly: "Xiaomin, look at your boyfriend, it's too harsh!"! He must have tortured you a lot! The little girl said cheerfully, "No, my boyfriend is very kind to me. We grew up together. He likes me to call him by his nickname." Ma Yuemei felt something and didn't say anything. Several sisters in the little girl's dormitory are all competing to let He Ming treat them. Of course, He Ming will not shirk it. So the sisters in the little girl's dormitory and the brothers in the He Ming's dormitory went to the Chuandong Hotel in front of them. At the Chuandong Restaurant, a group of a dozen people asked for a big box and sat down. He Ming pushed the menu on the table in the direction of several girls: "Don't mention it, order whatever you want!" While several girls were happily ordering, several brothers in He Ming's dormitory had their eyes on several girls. Even the poet Fan Datong looked at Ma Yuemei with greedy eyes. The girl's body aroused the brothers' curious and yearning eyes, and of course he Ming would not remind them of anything, but the brothers were also very conscious and did not look at the little girl very much. The little girl was very happy to lean on He Ming. "What are you going to do after dinner?" He Ming immediately took the hint. He hadn't been with the little girl for some time. The little girl must have thought,Faux cherry blossom tree, "After dinner.". Let's go out to play! "Let's go too!" A sister in the little girl's dormitory shouted. The two of them are going to make out. What are we going to do? Ma Yuemei's sweet voice: "I want to eat spicy shredded potatoes!" Fan Datong immediately felt that he was not a spicy shredded potato? The taste is very different, and I grew up in the village! So he said in his heart, potatoes. Great potatoes, human craftsmanship makes you spicy! And I ate you! The food and wine are served, and there is coke. Drink whatever you want. Do you want beer or drinks? He Ming is holding a beer bottle in his hand. When Ma Yuemei saw the beer in the little girl's cup,fake ficus tree, she quickly said, "We also drink beer!" "We drink beer, too?" "What's in beer? I used to drink it!" Unification. They all drink beer. After drinking a cup, the atmosphere at the dinner table became lively. Although there was no Zhao Xinnan at the dinner table, Liu Shaoqiang was also very excited in the face of so many girls. He said with a smile, "There should be a lot of you who can sing!" Ma Yuemei exulted and said, "You're right. My voice is very good." He said and sang two sentences. Liu Shaoqiang, of course, unwilling to lag behind, fake ficus tree ,fake blossom tree, also came to two sentences. Yah! What's your name again. Nice voice! Ma Yuemei said with a smile. The voice is good, but the hair is a little too long. "My name is Liu Shaoqiang. As for my hair, I prefer my hairstyle. Boys always have some characteristics." Liu Shaoqiang said with a smile. Several girls burst out laughing. Cheng Guangming said with a smile, "Although there are only four people in our dormitory, each of them has his own characteristics. He Ming is the national science champion and a master of kungfu!"! Take it for granted that it is excellent! Liu Shaoqiang is a singer! Fan Datong is a poet! What about me Ha ha, long more rich state! In the laughter, Liu Shaoqiang said proudly, "I dare not call me a singer.". There are still some gaps between my level and that of a real singer. Liu Shaoqiang's sudden modesty was just right, but Fan Datong agreed with the poet's appellation, and he also thought that. My own prose and poetry. It's not worse than some famous artists. Mingming, you eat this! The little girl took a piece of beef and handed it to He Ming's mouth. He Ming happily ate the beef. Then he put a mouthful of fish into the little girl's mouth, and the little girl's heart was very sweet. A few girls in the little girl's dormitory are embarrassed to look down, the key is envy! Liu Shaoqiang sighed: "It is good to have a girlfriend, and some people feel distressed!" For Liu Shaoqiang's words, several sisters in the little girl's dormitory all laughed. None of the girls took a fancy to Liu Shaoqiang, who had long hair and was small. A meal lasted almost two hours and cost He Ming more than 100 yuan. This meal made several girls and several brothers in He Ming's dormitory eat very well. He Ming is also very satisfied to make everyone happy. At this time, few people think about whether he Ming's family is very rich, they all feel that he Ming's college entrance examination won the first place in the country, the bonus should be a lot. Even he Ming would not show his cards at home casually. If someone asked, he would say that he was just doing some business. Besides, my family is not very rich now, although there are large supermarkets and shopping centers and retail stores, with an annual income of nearly 2 million. After leaving the East Sichuan Hotel, several brothers in He Ming's dormitory and several sisters in the little girl's dormitory all went back. He Ming took a walk in the courtyard of the University of Finance and Economics with his arms around the little girl's shoulders. There were many people passing by, and there were also boys or girls who cast envious or even jealous glances at He Ming and the little girl. Look at the girl he Ming is holding. "Ah, it's beautiful!" "It's not beautiful, that face, that figure, it's great!" "It should be the school beauty in our school!" "Then who knows?"? There are a lot of beautiful girls in our school. He Ming put his mouth close to the little girl's ear. "Xiaomin, did you hear that?" He said happily? They all say you're beautiful! The little girl said disapprovingly, "Let them talk!" The little girl heard so much praise for her beauty that she was a little numb. Out of the front door of the school,faux grass wall, he Ming called a taxi and sat in the back row with the little girl. The driver said, "Where to?" He Ming said with a smile, "To the New World Hotel!" The taxi drove forward. hacartificialtree.com