"Oh!" Then with a hum in his mouth, he looked at the three of them with two brilliant eyes, touching his white beard with one hand and asking. "Who are the masters of the three of you?" He asked? Have you ever heard the master say who the old man is? Shangguan Jing said, "I'm not a family teacher. I've never been in Jianghu. If I tell you, Laozhang may not know. This is with my family." I don't know who Laozhang is, but I don't know who Laozhang is, so I'd like to ask him to give me a gift. The eyes of the old man in yellow He opened half his eyes again and said, "Didn't your master really tell you who I am?"? Ha-ha! It seems that your master is indeed. What about you two, the ignorant people who haven't acted in Jianghu? "I've never heard Shifu say that either," said Shen Xuegu. "Neither did I," said Li Xiaoyun. "Did you hear that, old man?" Asked the old woman in yellow. "None of these three young men have heard from their master." The old man in yellow lifted his beard and laughed. "That's not unusual," he said. "The master of the three of them started out late, so I don't know. Who is the old man? Shen Xuegu said with a sneer, "There are many people who are not in the eyes of the family teacher. Naturally, the family teacher will not say anything." The old man in yellow opened his eyes and shot out two rays of cold light. He looked straight at Shen Xuegu and asked, "What did you say, old man?" Husband and wife are not in your master's eyes? Shen Xuegu said, "There are a lot of arrogant evil spirits in Jianghu. Of course, they are not in the eyes of my teacher." "Ha ha!" The old man in yellow burst out laughing and slanted his head. "Listen," he said, "this boy is an evil man!" Then she turned around and said to Shen Xuegu with a smile,temperature scanning kiosks, "Are you saying that I am an evil man?"? "How can you tell I'm an evil man?" Shen Xuegu heard him call the old woman in yellow clothes "Leng Niang", and remembered that Mi Feihong had just called him the old man Lu, suddenly in her heart. Move, can not help but think of two famous old strange, the heart can not help a Rin. But his own words have been exported, had to still sneer. "I don't know who you two are," he said, "but since you are in cahoots with Biluo Villa,thermal imaging camera, which is making trouble in Jianghu, you are naturally an outsider. "" The old man in yellow hummed, "The holy religion in white is also a side branch of Buddhism. How can we say that it is an evil spirit?"? For hundreds of years, this is the middle. A man in the martial arts world who originally claimed to be a decent man from a famous family had a narrow-minded view and could not tolerate the disputes caused by others. He wanted to punish him. Why? I have no excuse. My husband and I were invited by their religious leader to mediate disputes for everyone. Since you even call my husband and I evil spirits, You're a layman. It's outrageous. Tell me, who is your master? "Are you bored, old man?" Said the yellow-clad old woman in a charming voice? What's there to do with them? She raised her right hand lightly and sweetly brushed the white hair on her temples. When Shangguan Jing saw her raise her hand and sweep her hair, he naturally paid great attention to it and caught a glimpse of three strands of extremely thin silver awn as fast as lightning, which were exciting in front of Shen Xuegu. Shoot it. Without waiting for Shen Xuegu to make a move, Shangguan Jing probed with his right hand, and his three fingers were like objects in the air. One of the three hidden weapons that beat the other side out Holding it in his hand, he said with a sneer, "Thanks to you, you are still a superior person. You took advantage of people's unpreparedness and used a hidden weapon to hurt people." Words did not finish, only feel that the fingers are not hidden weapons, hurriedly looked down, information kiosk price ,digital whiteboard price, can not help but be surprised, the original three strands of silver Mang, unexpectedly is only three inches long silver hair, but when the hand, the potential is quite heavy. The old woman in yellow gave a light laugh and said, "Young man, you have a good hand. So you are a disciple of Shaolin." "I'm not a Shaolin disciple," said Shangguan Jing. The old woman in yellow chuckled again and said, "It doesn't matter who you are. You met the old man tonight." Son and I, that is absolutely can not go, or obediently go with us? "Why should I go with you?" Asked Shangguan Jing with a sneer. "It's because you're specifically against Biluo Villa," said the old woman in yellow with a charming smile. Shangguan Jing picked up his hands and said with a smile, "It's not difficult for us to go with you, but you two must convince us." Just do it. ” The old woman in yellow turned around and said, "Old man, it seems that they are still not convinced." The old man in yellow laughed and said, "I like these three young people a little. Well, for decades, let's go from I have never received a disciple. These three people have good aptitude. I accept this boy as an apprentice. If you accept these two girls, we will be worthy of this river. A trip to the south. "You think well!" "I don't know if they would like to," said the old woman in yellow. The old man in yellow laughed and said, "That's because they don't know where we come from. Once they know who we are, they won't be happy." If crazy? "Not necessarily," said Shangguan Jing. The old man in yellow looked at Shangguan Jing and laughed, "You are a disciple of Shaolin, ha ha!"! Even Zhi yuan (Zhi Master yuan is the abbot of Shaolin Temple. What can he teach you? I don't know how many people in Jianghu have broken their heads and want to worship their elders Under the door of the husband, the old man even disdained to look at them. Tonight you can meet the old man, and get the old man's favor, and move the idea of accepting disciples. This is a chance of a thousand years. It can be met but not sought. Who do you think I am? "The elder kindly appreciated it." Shangguan Jing said coldly, "I've already had a teacher who taught me. How can I see that I have changed my mind?" The old man in yellow nodded and said, "What's the problem?"? Since ancient times, how many people take art to the teacher, in order to further study, such as you. Worship under the old man, within three years, you are the only one in the younger generation in the martial arts world. Shen Xuegu said with a smile, "Even if he doesn't worship you as a teacher, he can be the only one in the martial arts world among the younger generation." The old man in yellow took one look at Shangguan Jing, brushed his beard and said with a smile, "Young people can have a high heart, but they can't be arrogant. Isn't that crazy?" A little? Shen Xuegu refused to let Shangguan Jing open her mouth. She rushed to answer, "Shangguan Jing is not only the only one in Wulin among the younger generation, but also the only one in Wulin." In the older generation, should also be regarded as invincible resistance, I say that he, how crazy? If you don't believe me, you can try him. Have a look "Oh!" The old man in yellow had a big look in his eyes. With a strange laugh, he said, "Well,interactive kiosk price, I do mean that." Eyes turned to Shangguan "Young man," said Jing, "do you dare to gamble with me?" 。 hsdtouch.com