Hesitantly, he took out his confession from his bosom and handed it to his pupil. Yitong took the confession, but she regretted it and wanted to take it back from Yitong. The pupil turned slightly sideways, avoiding her hand, and lowered his head to open the folded paper. "Your Majesty, you must relax and don't get angry," Xiao advised anxiously. Yi pupil heart more doubt, Xiao Guifei in front of him has always been very happy and satisfied, he has never seen her worry about anything. Quickly swept a confession, the hand unconsciously shook, the paper took advantage of the situation to slip from the fingers, Yi pupil hurriedly grasped it, grasping very tightly. The body is cold. It's not winter yet. How can the weather become so cold. Winter came early this year. The face is very calm, unusually calm. Xiao Guifei has been paying attention to observe his expression, but can not see why. The pupil mustered up his courage and read the words on the paper carefully again. It was written in black and white, and the handwriting was so clear that he was not mistaken. It clearly reads Yinglu's confession, to the effect that Nuoyan and fireflies are in love with each other, and Nuoyan is undercover in the palace to provide information for fireflies. Yinglu is the messenger between them. Chapter 218: Framing 4. Does Nuoyan have an affair with fireflies? He only knew that she had an unusual relationship with Mufeng. When did another firefly come out? Is it all a lie that she said she wanted to live in seclusion with herself and have children? If you don't believe it, Yinglu did sneak out of Ganquan Palace at dinner time tonight,White Marble Slabs, and Nuoyan saw it, and the expression on her face was very strange at that time. In retrospect, when he first entered the Ganquan Palace tonight, he happened to see Nuoyan talking to Yinglu in a low voice. She seemed to have given Yinglu something, and then hurried to him. She was on tenterhooks all through dinner. Knowing that Xiao Guifei was at odds with her, how could Xiao Guifei create a firefly for no reason? Also, on one occasion, he found that Yinglu's eyes were full of hatred. He never messed with her. Why should she hate herself? Everything is just Yinglu playing tricks,Pietra Gray Marble, Nuoyan is with his own heart. She never asks about political affairs, and at present it is Prime Minister Xiao who is dealing with fireflies. What information can she get from herself? As if seeing the dawn in the darkness, Yitong was refreshed and asked, "Where is Yinglu?"? I have more questions to ask her. Xiao Guifei turned her head and told Miaoqing, "Go and bring Yinglu." Not long after, Miaoqing dragged Yinglu limping in. In front of Yitong and Xiao Guifei, Miaoqing loosened her hands and sat on the ground. Her knees were badly injured and she couldn't stand up at all. Looking up and seeing the shining pupil, Yinglu's eyes flashed with hope. She opened her mouth and was eager to say something, but her throat was dry and she could not make a sound. Yi Tong frowned and asked Xiao Guifei in a cold voice, "What's going on?" Xiao Guifei answered without any sign of fear, "Yinglu came out of the palace tonight pretending to be a little eunuch and was discovered. She was also seen sneaking around the imperial study.". I asked her why she left the palace, but instead of answering, the little girl spoke rudely, Agate Stone Price ,Artificial Marble Slabs, so I had to let the little maid teach her a lesson. "Lesson?"? The lesson doesn't have to be like this. Yi Tong's voice was obviously unhappy. Hum, all this, he is still protecting the bitch's girl, Xiao Guifei secretly hated in her heart. Chapter 219: Framing 5. Xiao Guifei had a secret hatred in her heart, but she replied respectfully, "Your Majesty, the strength of the little maid of honor is not well mastered. It's a little too heavy.". But this wench is also deserved, she personally confessed that the jade imperial concubine had contacts with fireflies as early as before entering the palace, even those supplies in the Hanrui palace were secretly sent to the palace by fireflies, for fear that she would suffer. If the emperor doesn't believe me, he can send someone to Hanrui Palace to investigate. My concubine really didn't think that the emperor treated the imperial concubine so well that she didn't even remember the emperor's kindness. Instead, she colluded with the rebels in private. Xiao Guifei's words are like a sharp knife, roughly rubbing the eardrum of the pupil. He didn't have to send someone to Hanrui Palace to investigate at all. He had already seen those things, but he thought they were sent by Mufeng. Yes, Nuoyan once said that she could not tell the origin of those things, so that was the case. Seeing that Yi Tong did not speak, Xiao Guifei asked for instructions: "Your Majesty, this matter is of great importance. I dare not make decisions without authorization. Please ask the emperor to deal with it." Yi Tong was silent for a long time before he said, "I will send someone to put Ying Lu in prison secretly and torture her when her throat is healed.". As for the jade imperial concubine, only by the one-sided words of a little girl under torture, the evidence is insufficient, and will not be dealt with for the time being. He was still protecting that little bitch, and all her scheming for the night was in vain. Perhaps the jade imperial concubine a few sweet words, coax him dizzy, even Yinglu did not pursue it. His heart was occupied by the jade imperial concubine, but he still had a little place of his own? Xiao Guifei said coldly, "Your Majesty, don't be confused by her." Yi Tong looked at her thoughtfully. Ordinarily, now is the critical period for him to deal with Xiao prime minister, he should be good to Xiao imperial concubine, lest Xiao prime minister suspicious. But does that mean to follow her wishes, give Nuoyan an a charge of collaboration, put in prison, or even executed? Not to mention that Nuoyan may only collude with the rebels now, even if she stands up against him in person, what can he do to her? He can wronged himself to please Xiao Guifei, but he can not sacrifice his beloved woman for the cause, that is not the behavior of a big man. There are many ways to seize power, and he will never hurt Nuoyan for it. Yi Tong said lightly, "I have my own sense of propriety as to how to deal with it." Chapter 220: Framing 6. Seeing that Yitong was about to leave again, Xiao Guifei put all her eggs in one basket and pulled out the chain that had been pulled from Yinglu's neck. "The emperor wants evidence," she said. "There's another piece of evidence here." In fact, Xiao Guifei did not know the origin of the ring, but from Yinglu's reaction,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, she knew that there must be something wrong with the ring. In order to defeat Nuoyan as much as possible, he took it out regardless of the consequences. Even she herself did not think that this would be a mistake. Pupil took the chain and looked at the ring hanging at the end. The shape of the ring was unusual, something he had never seen before. "What is this?" He asked in surprise. 。 forustone.com