Moqianren is a complete pervert, and he is interested in this kind of creature to the extent that Lu Zimeng suspects that he is a pervert. Lu Zimeng suspected that Mo Qianren, as a physically and mentally healthy man, would you still be a virgin after living for more than 20 years? Unless, of course, he accidentally raped a corpse when he was handling a case, or the cleanliness that was so serious that he even disliked flying [beep] himself did not exist. As soon as Mu Rulan came out from the backstage, he was called into the chairman's conference room of the college by their president. There were already several people sitting on both sides of the long bronze round table, not those from famous foreign schools. There are also many famous universities in China, but among the many excellent students, most of them choose to go abroad when they are offered olive branches by famous foreign universities, because besides having a dignified diploma, they will also have a great name for overseas students. It's actually quite good to learn good things abroad and then return home for the construction of our own country. Didn't the founders of the country also specialize in studying abroad and then come back? Having said that, there are still some differences, especially in today's society. They want to Mu Rulan stay in China, is not without reason, Mu Rulan is too good, not only lies in her top mythical achievements, but also so many years of observation, she can also be called magical personality charm, in her second year of high school, the relevant departments of the national high-level have decided to absorb her, even if her achievements may decline in the future. They will also train her,White Marble Mosaic, and they are not willing to let others take away this talent. Such a result has long been expected by Mu Rulan. You know, in this life, she is a big pervert, what does pervert mean? Well, it seems a bit troublesome to explain this. Simply speaking, it is physically or psychologically and behaviorally different from ordinary people. Serious cases can be called mental illness. As a very rational and calm pervert, Mu Rulan feels that everything she has done is within the scope of understanding. Autumn sunshine is not burning in the morning, do not need to hold a sun umbrella,pietra gray marble, let it kiss on the skin, on her body, as if it has become so gentle. Far away in the corridor, Ou Kaichen saw Mu Rulan coming out of the board room, as holy and beautiful as in his impression. Inviolable.. It is beyond reach. His footsteps are nailed to the ground, how can not open, eyes tightly nailed to Mu Rulan body, how can not move away. It seems that his line of sight is too hot, Mu Rulan looked up at the sun's jaw slightly closed, slightly sideways, to see Ou Kaichen, the corners of the mouth of the soft smile slightly deeper, walking towards him. Puff. Puff. He could clearly hear his heartbeat beating fast in his chest, almost breaking his eardrums. Mu Rulan stopped in front of him and looked at him doubtfully sweating, "What's wrong with you?" "No.." Don't worry Ou Kaichen back to God, black bangs under the long and narrow eyes flashing, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Calacatta Nano Glass, some dare not look directly at Mu Rulan that pair of beautiful warm eyes. Heart a fiery, as if in the clamor, Mu Rulan talked to me, Mu Rulan talked to me, Mu Ruolan talked to me. Are you looking for Uncle Ou? He's not in there. Uncle Ou is the father of Ou Kaichen, the chairman of the board of directors of the highest power in the Academy. Ou Kaichen shook his head, saw Mu Rulan walk past to go downstairs, can not help but take a step to follow up, finally Mu Rulan took the initiative to speak to him, he did not want to end so hastily. Why are you in the conference room? Ou Kaichen asked, in fact, he knew very well why the headmaster called her over. As the son of the chairman, he knew early in the morning that several people from the capital had come to their school. Not surprisingly, Mu Rulan got a modest answer. This girl is always like this, not arrogant and impetuous, low-key and kind. Even if she is so excellent, she can't let her pure heart be contaminated with pride and dirt. People can't help but want to protect her and let her be so pure and kind all her life, even if she will be as beautiful as a canary but delicate. Ou Kaichen is also wearing a white college uniform, white suit pants, above is a white shirt and a white suit jacket, the jacket is not buttoned, the shirt tail is not tied into the pants, a broken black hair messy but personality, bangs below is a sharp handsome face, sharp chin, long eyes, Kaolin flower-like cold gas field. Arouse the girl's desire to conquer, but dare not be too close. In a previous life, Mu Rulan was the only one who dared to be presumptuous in front of him, with a bright smile and some scoundrels. It seemed that she could always see a helpless look on the face of a cold teenager. From the beginning to the occasional smile behind, she thought it was a change for her. She shyly asked him to be her boyfriend. He did not refuse to become her fiance. He did not refuse either. Love blinded the eyes of the previous life of Mu Rulan, how did not see, the original gaze of his eyes, is that delicate as white lotus Bai Suqing ah. If you don't love, why respond? In the past, Mu Rulan's proud and stubborn temperament only needed to tell her clearly that he had someone he liked. No matter how much she loved him, she could dig out her heart and reinstall it. How could she be shamelessly entangled. In other words, in fact, he was satisfying Bai Suqing's desire to see the play, deliberately letting her go into it foolishly. Well, the second watch, 22 sauce happy birthday yo, touch the head, one year older ah, pretend to be deep. 021 Elite perversion Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight Chapter Name: 021 Elite Perversion Thinking of something interesting, the smile at the corners of Mu Rulan's mouth deepened, her beautiful eyes curved into two arcs of crescent moon, and her heart swayed,Marble Granite Price, almost falling to her feet and crawling. Ou Kaichen breathed and his voice was a little unstable. "What's wrong?" Mu Rulan shook his head, "thought of some very interesting past events, but unfortunately so interesting things will not happen again.". Uh What did you just ask me? 。