Lin Ching-shih shook his head and said, "Brother Ye, please come. I'll just have a look." Ye Huai Wen Yan nodded, also did not say hello, directly started. Although there are many people on the other side, these women are also suitable for scratching their faces and pulling braids at the door of their homes. Ye Huai, who has really practiced, can not take advantage of it, and the situation will soon be one-sided. Lin Ching-shih looked at the few people who had fled and teased, "Brother Ye's skill has improved again. He is invincible in fighting all women, old and young." Ye Huai snorted, "it's not what you caused." Lin Ching-shih touched his nose and said with a guilty conscience, "Isn't it rare for me to have a sense of justice? I'll go and see how the little girl is." The girl nestled in the corner, watching Lin Ching-shih walk in and shrink a little closer to the wall. Lin Qingshi softened his voice and asked, "Are you all right?"? Is there anything wrong with it? The girl shook her head, her clothes were dirty, her little face was gray, and only a pair of eyes fluttered, especially smart. Lin Qingshi was slightly relieved. "Do you need me to call your family for you?" The girl still shook her head. Lin Qingshi did not know what to ask, and seeing that her clothes were a little broken, he took off his coat directly and covered her. It's getting dark. Hurry up and go home. Lin Ching-shih wanted to say a few words, but Chu Mu shouted at the entrance of the alley, "Lin Ching-che, come out." Ye Huai's voice followed,water bottle packaging machine, "Ah Zhe, let's go." Lin Ching-shih answered and said to the girl, "I'll go first. Hurry home." The girl nodded, slightly grasped the coat left by Lin Qingshi, looked at the back of Lin Qingshi's departure, and whispered: "Lin Qingzhe.." Ah Zhe. The shallow voice finally turned into a faint smile on his lips, "Lin Qingzhe, I remember you." Chapter 89 Xu Weier was born in a wealthy family, from childhood to wind,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, to rain, however, she also has a regret, that is, did not meet a man who really loves her. Although Xu Weier is only fifteen or sixteen years old, because she usually likes to read some romantic novels, she especially hopes that she can get a pure and flawless love as in the novel. She is not short of money, not short of appearance, family and friendship are not bad, but there is no gain in love. When there were boys chasing her at school, she felt that others were interested in her family, and how to look at those boys like the Phoenix man in the novel who would abandon his wife once he became famous. She thought, she doesn't want such a man, they don't love her. She wants to find a man by herself. What kind of man is she looking for? Xu Weier did not know, but she thought that she must not know her family background. Xu Weier is in a dreamy age, thought to do, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,plastic bottle making machine, so she went to Windsor College, Windsor College has always been more women than men, she thought, in this place, at a glance to recognize her this dusty gold man, must be her Mr. Right. Windsor College is far away from Xu's family, separated by a province, but this is the most satisfying point for Xu Weier. The distance means that she can get rid of the influence brought by Xu's family and really be herself-so as to meet the person who really appreciates herself. Half a year after arriving at Windsor College, Xu Weier fell in love with a senior who was one grade higher than her. Women are creatures who enjoy men's pursuit, even if they do not love, it does not affect their need to be loved. Although Xu Weier felt that he was not worthy of her, he finally relented and agreed under his gallant pursuit. I don't want to, one evening after two people are in love for a week. Xu Weier came out of school and was surrounded by a group of girls on her way home. She recognized that these girls were famous bad students in the school and had contacts with people outside the school, so few people in the school would provoke them. But it turned out that these girls would find her because of her boyfriend who had just dated for a week. He stepped on two boats, and she became a mistress for no reason. Xu Weier to Windsor College is not to study or cause trouble, her purpose is to find a true love, at this moment, Xu Weier can only be soft, a gentleman revenge ten years is not too late, she still understands the truth, she read so many novels, the novel with the bad guys clamor the protagonist will basically be beaten very miserably. However Xu Weier's eyes shine slightly, at this time, the protagonist will encounter the hero to save the United States, as the movie said, "wearing golden armor, stepping on colorful clouds, falling from the sky", whether her hero will also come to save her? Soon Xu Weier's thoughts were interrupted. The fists and feet that fell on her body made her feel very painful. The girls even pinched her arms and twisted her face. Xu Weier tried not to cry. Suddenly, a clear voice came, with the taste of teasing, like a breeze across the apex of the heart, Xu Weier's whole body stiffened, her head was blank, it took a long time to react-the fists that fell on her body had left. Xu Weier looked up and saw a young man in a black school uniform standing leisurely in the corner of the alley. In the dim light, the radian of his lips and the light taste of his eyebrows and eyes were enough to make the whole world happy and silent. Xu Weier subconsciously touched his heart, his eyes stuck to the body of the teenager, how can not move away. Later, a boy came, born much taller than the boy, compared to him, the boy's handsome is a little more feminine, but her line of sight always fell on the boy's body, although, at the moment the boy did nothing for her, just standing there quietly. He's coming, he's coming. Xu Weier suddenly realized how embarrassed she was at the moment, and she lowered her head at a loss, feeling a little sad that she had not shown her best side to the teenager. Teenager's voice is clear and gentle, with the taste of comfort, very reassuring, Xu Weier felt that he almost drowned in this voice. He took off his school uniform and covered her gently, as if she were the most precious treasure in the world. Later,PET blowing machine, the boy's companion called him, he left, but at the same time Xu Weier also knew his name from the boy's companion's address to him-Lin Qingzhe.