And back to Wasteland City. In other words, after shouting a call, I kept approaching the "Wasteland City" through the "Sumeru Realm", and when I came to a place less than seven kilometers away from the "Wasteland City", I had detected everything around me clearly through the "spiritual power". The "vampire" enemies around the "wasteland city" are not as many as I thought, at least within a few kilometers of our side, there are only less than ten "vampires". However, although the number of these "vampires" is small, each of them is above the rank of count, and the strong bloody breath on them makes me feel uncomfortable through the "spiritual power". I found out about these guys, and the other side found out about me. Unlike Count Lousi Duckla, who can speak the language of man, one of the guys mumbled. Although I don't know what the other side is saying, the "spiritual power" is vaguely telling me that the other side is warning me not to approach again, otherwise violent measures will be taken. I was very cooperative,uns s32750 sheet, pretending to turn around and retreat, but secretly relying on the sudden materialization of the "spirit thorn" to stab the unprepared opponent into a leak sieve, with holes all over my body. Although the "vampire" body strength is much higher than ordinary human beings, but compared to those monsters known for their defense, it is nothing at all,uns c70600, even now I can not compare. So this "vampire" was bled by me on the spot. The "vampire" who lost a lot of blood, as if he had lost the energy of his whole body, no longer did anything, so he died slowly. The death of this "vampire" greatly stimulated the "vampires" around me, who rushed to my vicinity from hundreds of meters away, and the blood-red energy balls shot at me at the same time. Of course, I will not give the other side a chance to be a live target. I will constantly change my position for several consecutive "Sumi Realms". While my "spiritual thorns" and "spiritual blades" are constantly testing the strength of the blood-red energy shield laid on the bodies of these count-level "vampires", a "titanium arrow" is shot at the other side by me in the way of "killing with one arrow". The "space crack" of "one arrow to kill" has achieved great results, constantly knocking holes in the blood-red shield of the other side, so that the subsequent "spiritual thorns" and "spiritual blades" can exert their power to the greatest extent. One "vampire" after another died at my hands, and when there was only one "vampire" left, 316l stainless steel pipe ,316 stainless steel plate, a more powerful "vampire" appeared in my "spiritual power" perception range, which was at least a hundred times more powerful than the count level "vampire." I think it was at least the Marquis level. I stood there quietly, my eyes looking coldly at my gloomy face, and there was a palpitating blood-red light in my eyes. He stopped more than 100 meters away from me, then spoke slowly, and a voice that seemed to pierce my eardrum came into my ears: "I would like to introduce myself, I am Jeff of the Conners family of the Blood Clan, Jeff & # 8226; Conners.". I suppose your excellency is the ink master of Count Lousi Duckla? "I think so." The "spiritual power" is already in place, and once materialized, it can cause great harm to him, even though he is already very powerful in terms of physical power. Still, it's no match for me. In addition, it is strange that he did not activate the "vampire" unique blood-red energy shield, I really do not know whether this guy is too confident of his own strength or something else. Listen to Count Lousi & # 8226; Duckla, you have set up a great obstacle for our'blood clan 'to enter the'human world', don't you know? The harsh voice said again. I think so, because this Count of Lousi & & # 8226; Duckla is so arrogant to want to occupy my hometown, and of course I won't let him go. Unfortunately, every time he was very lucky to run away. I'm shooting my mouth off. Unexpectedly Jeff & # 8226; the Marquis of Connors, the "vampire," sneered again and again after hearing this: "Hey, you don't have to lie. Count Lousi & & # 8226; Duckla is one of the four Pathfinder Counts sent by our'Blood Clan 'to the'Human World'. Their task is to determine whether the'Western Continent 'you are talking about has the fighting power to resist our'Blood Clan' and send the message back. So there is no such thing as what you said. But in this matter, we'blood clan 'still want to thank you. "Thank me?" I looked puzzled and pointed to my nose and asked doubtfully. Yes, thank you. We thank you for finding such a more suitable continent for our'blood clan ', saving the war with a Dynasty with strong fighting power and potential, and letting us find a place to develop. "As long as we firmly occupy this world called the'wasteland ', then the'western continent' and your home'eastern continent 'will be included in the territory of our'blood clan'.". Do you think we should thank you? Dream on, you! Even the boundary of the'Wasteland City 'has not been broken, but also want to occupy the entire'Wasteland World', really a dream! At the same time, my "spiritual power" was ready; when the second "dream" came out, the "spiritual power" was materialized in an instant, and countless "spiritual realms" trapped the Marquis, while countless "spiritual thorns" and "spiritual blades" flew towards the Marquis. I have to say that the strength of this Marquis level "vampire" is very strong,uns s31803 sheet, the speed is amazing, if not for my "spirit thorn" and "spirit blade" is the speed of my mind, I am afraid I really can not catch up with him.