And the words of Giroux's agent are no less than a slap in the face of Liverpool. Previously, people always thought that Liverpool was a traditional big club in England, and its prestige was still there, which was very attractive to players. Many players will cry and shout to come to Liverpool to play. It's true in England, and it's true in continental Europe. But the transfer of Giroux has poured cold water on them. Let them wake up from the past dream, know that the present world has long been different from the world when they were all powerful, big change! Their past glory is nothing to the current players. You say Liverpool have four Champions League titles? So what? When was the last time Liverpool won the Champions League? You say Liverpool have won the most top-flight titles in England, so what? How many champions do you have in Liverpool, the most powerful league in European football and the Premier League? The glory of the past can't be eaten. It's time to wake up. Otherwise can only be like now, full of joy to pursue the goddess, but the goddess came to a sentence: "I'm sorry, you are a good man..." It's so horrible! Tottenham Hotspur and Everton fans are laughing at Liverpool. Liverpool fans can only be silent. If the team continues to degenerate like this, it may have to be removed from the ranks of the rich and powerful? ~ Novel Txt, Tang Chapter 263 don't be silly. The story of Liverpool and Giroux is like a sad and touching love film. A down-and-out aristocrat whose ancestors had been rich fell in love with a beautiful girl. In his opinion, this girl looks like a fairy,x52 line pipe, has a moving temperament, is gentle and kind, and if she can marry home, she will die without regret in her life. And most importantly, being able to marry such a beautiful girl can also bring glory to our ancestors and silence those who laugh at his family's dilapidation. He paid his heart, but also took out the proof of his ancestors,uns s32760 plate, pointing to the castle that had been reborn, and told the girl that it used to be his family's summer villa. He pointed to the land with abundant water and grass and told the girl that it had been his family's hunting ground a hundred years ago. He showed off the glory of his ancestors. Then, in her patched, ragged clothes, she said to the girl, "I love you, my dear.". Marry me! Although I don't have a luxury car now, my family used to have one! Although I am very poor now, our family is an aristocrat, and our children will be aristocrats in the future! He thought that what he had done could impress the beautiful girl. But the beautiful girl said to him, "I'm sorry, 347 stainless steel ,a333 grade 6 pipe, you are a good man, but we can't live in the glory of the past all the time. Memories can't be eaten.." And then she turns around, and she throws herself into a place called Tottenham.. Spurs' Gao Shuai Fu Huai Zhong 。 Gao Shuaifu hugged the beauty, but also mercilessly laughed at Li's ugly and poor boy, even want to marry the beauty as a wife? What a toad wants to eat swan meat, but he doesn't urinate according to your virtue! The beautiful girl looked at the lost Liverpool, and her eyes were full of regret and helplessness. Gao Shuaifu laughed at his failed rival in love and then left with the beauty. In a sports car, back to their luxurious villa. It was at this time. Heartbroken Liverpool suddenly raised his head and stopped the girl: "Wait, before I leave, I want to ask one last question.." Although the girl stopped, she did not look back. Her mind flashed the proud expression of Liverpool showing her the glory of her ancestors. But what's the use? It's your ancestor's, but it's not yours. If you could use this effort to make progress, maybe it would be different now. Even if you can't be the head of a big plutocrat like Chelsea or Manchester United, at least you can be like Tottenham Hotspur, right? If that were possible, I might not have chosen Tottenham Hotspur.. It is a pity. Don't you know where you really lost? Without looking back, the girl said, "Don't be silly." She dropped this sentence, opened the door and got into the luxury sports car. Tottenham Hotspur laughed and pointed at Liverpool and said: "Don't be silly!"! Do you hear me? Don't be silly! Finally, in the laughter, Gao Shuaifu hugged the beauty. Drove off in a sports car. Only a poor Liverpool, kneeling on the ground, looking at the sports car that had long disappeared, wanted to cry without tears. Then the lens goes up and zooms out. On the overgrown moors, Liverpool kneels on the ground as the camera zooms out. Behind him was the long-abandoned castle, the property of his ancestors, which had once been. The camera is zooming out. The sports car is out of shot. There is only a puff of smoke at the upper edge of the lens, indicating that there has been a car driving here. Weeds, jungles, and a lake. It used to be a beautiful manor if it wasn't neglected? The camera continues to zoom out. Liverpool on its knees has become a black spot. The picture gradually darkens and the subtitles come out. Starring: Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Giroud, Lazio.. Welcome to the bitter film "Don't be silly" in this summer's football transfer market. ※※※ By selling Giroux to Tottenham Hotspur, Lazio earned 18000 1,000 euros. This is the normal price of Giroux, Lazio's substitute striker. He has won many championships. That's a plus,x60 line pipe, but he didn't play many games at Lazio. Not many goals have been scored, which limits his room for further price increases. The most regrettable thing for Chang Sheng is that this time Manchester United did not raise the price of Giroux, otherwise it was believed that it could be sold to 25000. What a shame! Belletti left Lazio on a free transfer and returned to Brazil. Lazio have four departures this summer. They brought 108 million euros to the club and saved 25 million euros in annual salary.