He Shi rolled his eyes rudely and said, "What's the use if you don't have an opinion? Qingjie has to face you. Don't tell me. You don't know that Xiude in the second house, Xiuyi in the big house, and Xiuli are all staring at Qingjie. Now there are more monks and less porridge.". He only felt that his son's head was full of paste. Hearing what his mother said, Xiuwen had a sense of crisis. "What should I do?"? The son can't say directly to the green cousin that when she grows up and marries me, I can't be beaten out by the green cousin. He Shi vomited blood in her heart. She thought for a moment and said, "You come with me.". He Shi pulled Yang Xiuwen to his room, and then let him wait in the hall outside, while he went to his bedroom. Soon, she took one thousand silver medals and handed them to Yang Xiuwen. You go to Yinlou, give Qingjie a good set of jewelry, and then tell Qingjie that you are happy with her, you see whether Qingjie accepts it or not. Xiuwen opened his eyes wide. It was one thousand taels of silver. Yang Xiuwen took the most silver in his life. He went to Nanjing and got one hundred taels of silver as a reward. He really didn't expect that his mother would spend so much money this time. You are not allowed to spend this silver secretly, otherwise, you see I don't tear your skin, "he said.". Yang Xiuwen swallowed saliva and told He Shi that he would certainly live up to his mission, and then went out with the silver. Arriving at Yinlou, Yang Xiuwen realized that one thousand taels was really nothing. A set of one thousand taels of jewelry could only be regarded as a medium price. If he bought a set of jewelry, he would not have much silver left. The shopkeeper who did business was also discerning. After inquiring about the price in Yang Xiuwen's mind, he said directly, "It's better not to buy a set." Buying a jade hairpin or a bracelet is excellent, not only the quality of things can reach the top, but also the price is not as expensive as a set of jewelry. Yang Xiuwen felt that this method was also very good. He followed the shopkeeper to look at the separate jewelry. Finally, he took a fancy to a jade hairpin with twisted gold wire. The gold wire on it was wrapped around the phoenix pattern. The jade on it was also an excellent jade material. It was carved into the shape of a rose flower. The jade hairpin cost more than seven hundred taels of silver. Yang Xiuwen took the jade hairpin to find Su Qingqing, "cousin, this is for you.". Su Qingqing took the box from Yang Xiuwen, a little surprised, usually,x70 line pipe, Yang Xiuwen only took silver from her here, where to take the initiative to send her something, but today the sun came out in the west? Su Qingqing opened the box and saw a very beautiful jade hairpin lying in the box. This is Su Qingqing had some doubts. A gift for you, "Yang Xiuwen said with some embarrassment." This is too expensive, "see the things in the gift, Su Qingqing will understand, is the third room someone taught this how to chase people, such a valuable thing, the price is certainly not low, to Yang Xiuwen's monthly example, even with the third room that aunt subsidies, also certainly can not afford to buy such a valuable thing." In fact, it's all right. "Yang Xiuwen is at a loss." How can I receive such a heavy gift from Xiuwen's cousin? Xiuwen's cousin should take it back. "With that, Su Qingqing covered the box and prepared to return it to Yang Xiuwen." How can the things sent out be returned? You are busy first, x70 line pipe ,316ti stainless steel, and I will come to see you next time. "After that, Yang Xiuwen seemed to be really afraid that Su Qingqing would return the things. He hurriedly rubbed oil on the soles of his feet and ran away quickly. Looking at the back of Yang Xiuwen left, Su Qingqing breathed a sigh of relief, is really a fool, so many years have passed, this cousin has not been enlightened, it seems that she did not generate any love between men and women, she thought that the battle, may not be as she intended, married to the third room of Xiuwen, now it seems that although it is enlightened late, it is not without feelings for her. Chapter 30 Jingyan's wedding was still very big. The man she married was the third son of the eldest brother of Zhang's family. Su Qingqing felt that it was not very good for close relatives to get married. However, this was ancient times. As the saying goes, the red candles were stopped in the bridal chamber last night, and she worshipped her uncle and aunt in front of the hall. Even if she was herself, she would marry her cousin in the future. Jingyan got married, and Jingxian, who was married, came back with a big belly. "Now the second sister is married, the next turn is the third sister and the green cousin, the next time back, the younger sister in the house is afraid that there is no one left," Jingxian sighed. "Aren't they all going to come back? When the time comes, you can take your husband back to the house together, which will be more lively," the old lady said. Jingxian nodded her head. What our ancestors said was "." Your child is six months old, and you have to raise it carefully. If you get a boy at one stroke, you will have a better life in the future. "It took more than a year to get married before you had children. I think the eldest granddaughter had a hard time in her husband's family before. Now she is pregnant, and the mouth of Xuanping Hou Fu should be blocked. No matter whether the child is male or female, her granddaughter can give birth.". Jingxian gently touched her own, with a gentle smile on her face. Her husband was good to her, and her mother-in-law was better to her than her sister-in-law. Even though she was not pregnant before, her mother-in-law did not urge her. Although sister-in-law sometimes said some sour words, her mother-in-law stood on her side. When the family was separated in the future, she could be the master and would not suffer. By the way, has the marriage between Sister Qing and Third Sister been settled? Jingxian cares about her sister. Originally, she thought that life after marriage was similar to her mother's life. Now she feels that marriage is not a bad thing. Qingjie hasn't settled down yet, but Jingyuan has settled down. She is the matchmaker of the Minister of the Ministry of Personnel. She is the prince of Zhongyong Hou Mansion. "The old lady said." Zhongyong Hou Fu? Jingxian frowned, although she is only XuanPing Hou Fu's second grandmother, but, in the end the news is well informed, she knows the situation of ZhongYong Hou Fu, a aunt of ZhongYong Hou Fu is married to the minister of the Ministry of Personnel, and the minister of the Ministry of Personnel Li family has a daughter, is now the emperor's concubine, also gave birth to the most favored three princes,x56 line pipe, The minister of the Ministry of Personnel is willing to protect the matchmaker for the prince of Zhongyong Hou Mansion, which proves that Zhongyong Hou Mansion and the minister of the Ministry of Personnel are standing on the same trench. Zhongyong Hou has only one son. The prince is elegant and talented, but he is not fastidious about women. lksteelpipe.com