"Sister-in-law, take her back today." Although Fan Yanzhi was reluctant to give up, he turned his head and said cruelly. Old lady, the maidservant grew up beside you. Don't you know what kind of person the maidservant is, old lady? Yan Hong turned to Old Lady Fan with tears in her eyes and begged, "You have been very good to the maidservant since you were a child. You have taught the maidservant how to do things. The Yan Hong you taught has never been forgotten." Old Mrs. Fan's eyes moved, but after all, she was ruthless and did not open her mouth to make a statement. Sir, please don't drive the maidservant away. Yan Hong begged, her eyes were like ashes without a trace of brilliance, and her face was full of despair looking at Fan Yanzhi. Fan Yanzhi heart has a trace of moving, but also did not pay attention to, this Yan Hong is good, not necessarily so shallow to seduce table young master, but so immoral with a stigma how can people stay in their own room, how can they stay in Fan Fu? Yan Hong a sad smile, stay in Fan Fu may remember the old love but also a way to live, if this went back with the family, it is bound to die. Desperately, he raised a charming smile at Fan Yanzhi and suddenly got up and hit the pillar directly. The people in the room were startled by a bang. Suddenly, they didn't expect the girl to be so fierce. They only had time to see the soft body of Yan Hong. Miss Yan Hong. Minghui, who was closest to her,inflatable floating water park, stepped over and held Yanhong's body, which was falling down like a red flower. She put it on her wrist without any trace. She raised her eyebrows, stopped and said, "Why do you want to die so hard?"? Although the Fan family has always been the most interested in Qingyu, this grandmother is the most Bodhisattva heart, if you do not want to go home with cousin Yu, grandmother will not force you, Fan Fu is so big,large inflatable water slide, do you still need a meal? And father, at least you are also serving, how can there be a master-servant friendship, you are so a bump, not to force each other to die? Yan Hong girl closed her eyes tightly, the tears in her eyes were not yet dry, and the blood on her forehead flowed down her cheeks. When Minghui saw that she had fainted, she knew that she wanted to die, so she had to look at Mrs. Fan and said, "Grandmother, for the sake of Miss Yanhong growing up beside you, please ask a doctor to come and see her first." "It's just a cheap girl. If she's dead, she's dead." Chen glanced at it and snorted, "dead and clean." She was so foxy that if she followed Yu home, she would be killed with a stick. Mrs. Yu was wrong to say that. Minghui frowned, inflatable air dancer ,inflatable water slide, "Although the Fan family is strict management, but always generous to the servants, if this does nothing to save the dying, if this spread out, is not to let the world laugh at my Fan Fu this hundreds of years of inheritance of reputation?"? What's more, this Yan Hong is not an ordinary servant, but a person who serves his father. If this is to make the world laugh at my father's indifference? What's more, Yan Hong is in their own back garden garden tired of a nap, but I do not know how cousin in the family in the absence of a companion how to go to the Tinglan waterside pavilion? It remains to be seen what this is all about. "Princess, do you mean I forced her to be a bitch?" When Yu Hao heard the meaning of the words, he broke out and asked Minghui. Minghui smiled and shook her head. "The princess didn't say that." "You.." Yu Hao glared, Chen Shi glared at Yu Hao, and Yu Hao shut up. Minghui's words were reasonable, but Mrs. Fan's eyebrows jumped when she heard them. She clapped the teacup in her hand on the table and waved, "Go and ask for a doctor." Minghui lost Yu Hao's ability to look at me, and he lowered his eyes and stopped making a sound. Yu Lizhen looked at the dying and extremely weak Yan Hong, more charming than usual, the handkerchief in her hand tightened, secret way, how could she not be killed. Old Lady Fan glanced at it and gave Mother Qin a wink. Mother Qin called Ruyi and Jixiang to come in and move Yanhong to the couch. The doctor was soon invited and frowned to examine Yanhong's pulse. The wound on Yanhong's head was medicated and bandaged. Then she saluted Mrs. Fan, who was sitting in the right seat, and said, "Please rest assured that the girl's injury is not serious, but the girl is pregnant for two months and is frightened. She has to be careful to settle the fetus.". ” Pregnant? The doctor's words are like throwing a huge stone into the river and stirring up all kinds of waves. Two months pregnant? Old Mrs. Fan looked at the doctor in surprise. Yes The doctor nodded, got up and wrote a prescription for tocolysis to the auspicious man who led him into the door. Send the doctor out. Old Mrs. Fan said. Wait a minute Feng took a step forward, took out the sachet that had been beside him from Tinglan Waterside Pavilion, handed it to the doctor and asked, "Please look at the doctor, is there anything wrong with the spices in it?" Then he glanced at Yu Lizhen, who was still in consternation. What a coincidence! She carefully analyzed, everything is too coincidental, and this sachet should be in the hands of Minghui, but in the hands of Yanhong. This Yan Hong was born to be charming, but she was taught by the old lady. Feng Shi still understood this temperament, and some careful thoughts would not have done such a dirty thing, otherwise the old lady would not have rewarded her to Fan Yanzhi. So Feng Shi took a look at Yu Lizhen and Chen Shi without any trace. Maybe it was the two of them who conspired to frame the seven girls, but they didn't expect to be hit by Yan Hong. The doctor opened the sachet, poured out all the spices inside, carefully examined and smelled them one by one, and after checking a little, he replied to Feng, "These spices are all common spices to prevent insects and mosquitoes, but.." "But what?" Mingyu rushed to say, "Don't talk nonsense." "I dare not. If the young lady doesn't believe me, please ask a few more doctors to come back and examine me." The doctor replied. Six girls, don't interrupt. Let the doctor finish his words first. Feng frowned and glanced at Mingyu. He looked at the doctor and said, "Doctor, please say something. What's wrong with it?" "This spice has a flavor of Gynostemma pentaphyllum, which is used to calm the nerves,Inflatable water obstacle course, but if you drink wine and then smell the fragrance, you will be unconscious.". Gu, you usually don't use the glue bone orchid to make spices. The doctor explained. joyshineinflatables.com