One of his father's concubines hanged herself from a tree in front of the courtyard of his house in the middle of the night. Her body was found the next morning. Rumors began to spread. He was seen humiliating her. The concubine was supposed to be so humiliated that she hanged herself in front of his house in anger. He ended his youth career by leaving Beijing. If it doesn't belong to him, it's natural to give it back. As an adult, Pei Youan, who had always slept lightly, had never had a dream. But tonight, he fell into such an unpleasant dream. In his dream, he returned to the bright eyes of outsiders, but in his depressed and gloomy youth, a trance, the young man seemed to fall in the world of ice and snow outside the Great Wall, surrounded by limbs and bones, like hell, he was hot and cold, when he could not sleep, his breath was filled with a familiar warmth and sweetness, his arms were soft and full of hands, and everything in his dream was dark. Gradually dispersed, he subconsciously lusted for this warm and soft feeling, chasing in his dream, reluctant to part. When Jiafu was gathered into Pei Youan's arms, she was startled and her body stiffened for a moment. Slowly, she felt his hot breath with the smell of alcohol on her face. Fang realized that he had not woken up. Finally, her body trembled slightly uncontrollably. Her heart pounded and her skin was burning all over. In this way, shameless, shameless, hold him and wait for him to sober up. Gave her heart and leaned closer to him until she was completely curled up in his arms, her eyelashes trembling, and she slowly closed her eyes. Chapter 34 In the middle of the night,inflatable castle with slide, the cock crows, and the window is dimly green. Pei Youan will not wake up. As an adult, he had never slept so well, although the beginning of this sleep began with the fragments of dreams that made him unhappy, but when those fragments of dreams were dispelled, the sleep was so long and deep, and fragrant and warm.. Soft. He tightened his arms, hazy, full of soft and greasy palms, so that he suddenly felt strange,inflatable amusement park, frowning, such as the chaos of consciousness in the clouds, slowly became Pure Brightness. His eyelids jumped, he suddenly opened his eyes, woke up, and by the twilight of the morning, he saw his cousin, Kate, sleeping in the same bed with him, covered with the same quilt, and curled up in his arms, holding his waist and abdomen in one arm. It looked like a small one, only showing a head of hair and half of his face falling on his shoulder and arm from the corner of the quilt. His face was red and motionless, and he held her in his arms, one arm around her slender waist, the palm of his hand on his skin, and they seemed to have slept for a long time. Pei Youan was stunned. At first, he thought he was still in a deep dream. Finally, he came to his senses. If he was pricked by a needle, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, he suddenly withdrew his hand, sat up, bowed his head subconsciously, and quickly looked at himself. Although his body was still covered with clothes, it was full of messy wrinkles, and his lower abdomen was even more abnormal, still with a faint swelling pain. With a bang on his head, Pei Youan quickly lifted the quilt and jumped down from the bed. He grabbed the coat that she had taken off last night. When he hurriedly put it on, he heard a voice behind him: "Big cousin.." As soon as Pei Youan's hand stopped, he slowly looked back and saw that she had been awakened by himself. He crawled and sat up, holding the quilt in front of his chest with one hand and rubbing his eyes with the other hand. His starry eyes were half closed, his face was like Chaohua, and his voice was vague, with the softness and charm of just waking up. All over her body, as if she had not touched an inch, she sat up like this, although she had been pressed by the horn on her chest, but her bare shoulders and snow-white arms were still exposed. Even though the room was dark in the morning, she could not hold down the light of her skin. Begonia spring, for a moment crisp eyes, confused people's eyes. Pei Youan's chest trembled, his eyes were red, he closed his eyes, and suddenly turned around, but heard the voice behind him again. "Cousin," she added, "I'm yours. Last night, although you and I did not have the reality of men and women, but my body, can not be another person. She should have been fully awake, and her voice, though soft, was unusually clear. The air seemed to freeze. For a long time, Pei Youan moved his shoulder and slowly covered his skirt. You put on your clothes. He said in a hoarse voice. There was a slight rustling of clothes behind her, and after a moment, she said, "All right.". ” Pei Youan did not turn around at once. He still stood where he was. For a long time, he suddenly asked, "You went back to your room last night. How did you sleep in the same bed with me?" There was silence behind him. Pei Youan slowly turned around and his eyes fell on Jiafu. As the morning light turned white, she wrapped herself in her clothes and covered her shoulders with hair. At first, she was motionless. Gradually, she raised her face to meet Pei Youan's two eyes. I came back on my own. She whispered. You are a girl. Who taught you to use such unfashionable means? His voice was tense and his eyes were heavy. I came up with it myself. Jiafu's eyelashes quivered slightly and she hung her head. The air froze again. Jiafu's heart was beating faster and faster, and the tip of her nose slowly oozed out thin beads of sweat. She hated herself for being useless. Clearly already thought, said to him that last night he woke up thirsty, she heard to come to serve, he was half drunk and half awake, pulled her into bed, and she was unable to resist. As long as she insisted, even if he didn't believe it, he couldn't get rid of himself. She had the courage to climb into his bed, and when the matter came to an end, she did wait until he asked, but somehow she did not want to use this contemptible excuse. Even if you tell the truth, you will be despised and even hated by him. Because the subterfuge sounded so disgusting to her. How could he be such a person? It was enough for her to stay with him. With her intuition about him, as long as he kept her, he would certainly protect her. As for the rest, she didn't care. She told herself this, suppressing the panic and sadness that followed, and mustering up all her courage, she looked up again and looked at him. Cousin, I've been in bed with you all night. If you don't want me,Inflatable outdoor park, and I'm lucky enough to escape from the prince and live, I'll cut my hair and be a sister-in-law for the rest of my life! When she finished, she held her breath and looked at him without blinking.