As the two of them shook hands, the man trapped inside shouted frantically, "What do you want? Don't give it to her, not to him!"! I'll kill you! The hissing cry made people feel cold in the bottom of their hearts. The chisel tooth looked back at the sunflower dance that had changed back again, and finally turned his head reluctantly. He took Hualien's hand in one hand, and the other hand drew a cross mark of blood in her palm. Then he made the same mark on his own hand, and the palms of his two hands were pressed together. Hualien only felt a very powerful force coming from the palms of the other side, while the "color" of his chiseled face slowly turned gray at this time, just like a corpse. Even if she didn't understand what he meant, Hualien could sense that his behavior was like giving up her life. She wanted to pull her hand back, but she was pulled by the teeth. It was not until the force from the other side gradually weakened that he let go of his hand until it disappeared. Then he slid feebly to the ground, like a lifeless puppet. Hualien looked down at the palm of her hand, and the blood in the cross wound suddenly gushed out, and the force that had just rushed into her body rushed out again. An arrow transformed from her blood appeared in front of her eyes. Does he want me to kill her with an arrow? Hualien's voice was a little dry. She glanced at the chiseled teeth lying motionless on the ground, and then at the still howling. Yin Mo looked at the bloody arrow in Hualien's hand with a little shock in his eyes. In ancient times, artifacts were born in response to heaven and earth, and Yi Tonggong was one of them. In fact, it is accompanied by ten arrows. Hou Yi "shoots" after the sun. Emperor Jun was so angry that he stabbed the tenth arrow into Hou Yi's body. From then on, there was no such thing as "shooting" arrows in the world. However, after the "shooting" day, the arrow used by Hou Yi to "shoot" to kill the chisel teeth was even more powerful than the "shooting" day arrow. It was not until today that Yin Mo finally understood where the arrow came from. After the arrow appeared in Hualien's hand, his eyes were full of panic, and he grabbed the scriptures around his body harder, trying to rush out. The arrow is there, and the power is definitely not ordinary terror, but the bow? I just chiseled her teeth to get her own bow, but how could she have that thing? "With fire." Yin Mo reminded him. Although without the blood of Hou Yi, the power of this arrow is much weaker, but the bowstring material that can withstand this arrow is still very rare, but the evil fire is one of them. It is said that before the birth of Yi Tong's bow, in the furnace of heaven and earth, the burning is the evil fire. …… Not enough. Hualien's face was a little embarrassed, and it was really a shame to say that the evil fire she had cultivated could not have been transformed into a whole bow. Yin Mo stared at Hualien for a long time and was finally defeated by her. "You come to melt the strings." With that, there was a flash of gold in his hand, and a stringless bow appeared in his hand. Hualien's fingers drew a virtual line on the bowstring, and a red bowstring appeared in front of them. …… You think I can shoot an arrow? Hualien looked at the bow he handed over and asked in reply. Yin Mo was silent for a moment, then pulled Hualien in front of him and clenched his teeth. "Take an arrow." He felt that he had overestimated her. Although this bow is no different from a real bow, the bowstring that can cooperate with the "shooting" of the Japanese arrow must not be pulled up by Hualien's ability. After holding her hand and pulling the bowstring, Yin Mo finally realized that Hualien, inflatable bounce house with slide , in addition to taking the arrow and pulling the string, was originally a good-looking one. Pointing at her heart, she probably knew the result she was about to face, and slowly quieted down, her blood-red eyes staring straight at the chisel teeth on the ground, her face expressionless. The arrow in his hand finally "shot" out, drawing a trace of blood "color" in midair, directly through his chest. Then the arrow disappeared and his body began to crack inch by inch. From beginning to end, her eyes did not leave the chisel teeth, before her body completely disappeared, the chisel teeth on the ground moved, looked up at her with difficulty, and a drop of blood and tears fell from the corner of her eyes. After death, only a thumb-sized bead was left. Hualien went over to pick up the bead, and the scenes of Kuiwu's life flashed before her eyes. Eventually, everything faded and disappeared, leaving only the face of the chisel teeth, which could not be erased. [Text 058 Suddenly getting married?] (Please remember the website of Wuwei Text Novel Network (Please remember the website of Wuwei Text Novel Network 058 Suddenly to get married? He was only interested in one person in his life, and he was concerned about her even when he died. Therefore, even though he was hit by an arrow from the sun, he could not close his eyes. In order not to cause trouble, someone sent him to the altar to suppress him. He never knew that the girl he wanted to see had been with him for countless years under that huge stone. When he finally felt her breath one day, he found that things had changed. The Great Wilderness has long been lost in the sea of time, and he, like her, can not go back to the past. Since can not live together, then die together, this time, he accompanied her, will always accompany. The bead flew up from Hualien's hand and landed on the side of the chisel tooth. A pale blue smoke came out of the seven orifices of the chisel tooth and rushed into the bead. Then the bead exploded silently, broke into a powder that could not be seen by the naked eye, and disappeared. After the death of the chisel tooth, the whole altar began to shake violently, and all the closed stone doors around it opened. Hualien took a look at where the two of them had disappeared, and was pulled out by Yin Mo. Everything here does not belong to them, they are just spectators, can never understand, experienced people will use what kind of mood to face all of this. Hualien doesn't understand love, and doesn't understand why Chisel Teeth clearly loved her, but in the end chose to help them kill her. What's the matter? Without hindrance, they soon saw the light. Before they went up, Yin Mo seemed to feel that Hualien's mood was a little low. He looked back at her and asked softly. Hualien looked up at Yin Mo. His eyes were so bright that it seemed that there were stars twinkling. She couldn't help blurting out,Inflatable meltdown, "What is love?" This question made Yin Mo stupefied for a long time, then shook his head, "I don't understand either." 。