After Xiao He and Cao Shen left Lv Zi began to cry and act like a spoiled child "Xiang Lang I want to go with you to find my father" Xiang Silong wiped the tears from her face with his hand and sighed "Fool can you be offended by following me Can you stand such a thin body" Besides if you follow me it will be inconvenient for me to move Who will take care of and protect you when I need to move alone If anything happens to you I won't be happy in my life Lv Zi heard in the heart is big tenderness caress flattery a smile way "Well don't talk so pitifully They won't hold you back" Here he sighed again "Xiang Lang I really don't want to be separated from you!" Then he quietly shed tears Xiang Silong also felt a burst of sadness in his heart Remembering that he would leave this gentle and considerate beauty tomorrow he immediately indulged himself and launched a full-scale attack on this beauty Lu Zi also thought of the same thing and tried to ingratiate herself with him enthusiastically Two people Minerals & Metallurgy returned to the room after a lingering death Lu Zi tearful pleading way "Xiang Lang!"! You must take care of yourself and come back to see the girl who will be looking forward to your return day and night Xiang Silong was moved and nodded heavily At night Xiang Silong went to the county government and told Liu Bang that he would say goodbye to all the people and look for the evil things in the tube Liu bang a listen to big urgent way "Xiang eldest brother you no longer help me last night you also said well now you" You're leaving me Yes I will never let you go! Brother Xiang can I beg you Stay to help me without you in my side I think I have no idea to find my father-in-law I can send Cao Shen Bo Zhou they go Said unexpectedly has left tears Xiang Silong did not expect Liu bang to give birth to such a serious dependence on his heart said this time with childish words secretly frightened He is the Emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty in the future! How can you be so dependent on yourself No I must leave him for a long time this time so that he can experience himself and come back to him after the looting of the war The heart thought is angry but still had to comfort him "Fengpei Uprising didn't you do so well without me" Alas Bangdi Xiang Wang has come to assassinate you and me and there is a big problem in the meantime I also need to investigate and check in order to guard against them in the future do you know You can rest assured that I will not leave you until you have officially won the world Liu Bang smell speech a surprised way "Brother Xiang you will leave me in the future won't you" No eldest brother is the God in my mind I can't live without you otherwise I will accomplish nothing abundant uprising because I know you help me in Peicheng so I still feel you are beside me I have courage and confidence China Suppliers but this time you If anything happens to you I The sound of choking made him unable to go on Xiang Silong sighed and said sternly "Bondi you are the head of the crowd you must have your own decisive ability and analytical ability do you know" I promise that the future world will be yours but you have to promise me that during the time I leave you I will still be calm calm against the enemy listen to the opinions of others and learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses is the best strategy do you know Liu Bang unexpectedly to Xiang Silong's momentum Leng Leng looked at him involuntarily nodded Xiang Silong see his look know his words in the heart of Liu bang produced effect big is satisfied with a smile patted him on the back of the tiger sink a track "I'll be out of town tomorrow and you don't want to see me off I don't want too many people to know that I'm out of town" Liu bang is a little that is through know Xiang Silong well-intentioned he did this is to let oneself exercise some independent ability the second is not to let everyone know that he is not in the army so as not to disturb the morale of the troops Think of here Liu bang couldn't help but once again shed two lines of tears of gratitude fiercely a tightly hold Xiang Silong speechless for a long time Xiang Silong felt hot in his heart and his eyes blurred Chapter 20 going deep into enemy territory Xiang Silong led more than ten warriors picked out from Liu Bang's army and quietly went out of Peicheng to pursue them Along the way he followed the secret signals left by Guan Zhongxie and the warriors who secretly protected him Two days later he came to the territory of Wu and Yue Xiang Silong's heart became more and more nervous Soon to Xiang Yu's sphere of influence father-in-law they must not have anything At the same time there is a kind of fear and doubt in my heart Is the counsellor beside Xiang Yu his father Xiang Shaolong If so Why did father help Xiang Yuyu Does he really want Energy to make a great achievement in ancient times and change history As soon as Xiang Silong thought of this question he had a splitting headache Did he come to this ancient time to fight to the death with his own father Nope! You can't do that yourself! Nope! Things will never be what they imagine! Father came to this ancient time for more than twenty years Hasn't there been any change in history Master Li Mu once told himself that although his father had helped Qin Shihuang and consolidated his kingship his father had never acted as a jackal to the tiger with Qin Shihuang In the eyes of his master his father was a chivalrous and tender gentleman How could he come to this ancient time so coincidentally after 20 years and then speculate to change history Xiang Silong forced calm his mood but he always still can't let go his inhibition of feeling or told him in addition to his father wanted to change history sent Wang Xiang etc To assassinate Liu bang can't explain the doubt in his heart because in this ancient times only himself and his father two just know Liu bang is the future of the world Could it be that the destiny of heaven is really like this and when he comes to this ancient time he will shoulder the mission of meeting his father Xiang Silong's spirit has been in a trance these days making more than a dozen warriors afraid to speak Sound all silent follow him silently forward This destroyed they came to Dongcheng county tube in the evil and so on to leave the secret signal suddenly interrupted