On the black market a 100l bottle of fairy water sells for 1 million yuan At least 10 bottles of such fairy water are needed to treat leukemia Who can afford so much money for ordinary families Even if it is taken out it will not fall into the hands of ordinary people Because Yang Xiaoguang's own fairy water is not very much the flow of fairy water on the market is even less basically are bought by the major forces at a high price it is impossible to fall into the hands of ordinary people Therefore there is still a need for other medicines in the world so that ordinary people can be cured At this time Yan Wei said mysteriously "Actually what I want boss to see is a kind of elixir I accidentally extracted on the way to develop a new drug" "Oh what elixir" What is the function Yang Xiaoguang's appetite was hung up Yan Wei looked at the door warily and then whispered "Aphrodisiac Dan" Yang Xiaoguang Chapter 475 children who work hard are always liked "Hehehe" Yang Xiaoguang smiled and said "Doctor Apparel Yan I really picked up a treasure I recruited a doctor casually but I was able to develop a Chinese medicine" Yan Wei scratched his head and felt a little embarrassed "I owe all this to the master of the palace who passed on my Dan Sutra" This is also to repay the master of the palace for his kindness to me "You stop" I'm mocking you You didn't hear me Yang Xiaoguang paused and said with a black line on his face "You are a very bad old man" What are you going to do with this medicine "It's not a medicine it's an aphrodisiac pill" "Does it make a difference" "Of course" Yan Wei paused and said "I'm more high-end" Yang Xiaoguang At this time Yan Wei took out two pills sealed in a bottle from a password box and said "boss this is a set of two pills" I only know that there is a kind of mother-son elixir in the novel which is a set of elixirs that can be used to control people This is the first time I've heard of this medicine Yang Xiaoguang paused and said "Go on" Yan Wei took the bottle containing the white pills and said "This one belongs to Zhu Dan" Then he took out the bottle containing the red pills and said "This is Qing Dan and it is also Nu Dan" Yang Xiaoguang's mouth twitched slightly "What the hell is Nudan" Yan Wei Hei Hei smiled and then said "If boss takes the main Dan the body will release a hormone that attracts the opposite sex" And if the boss opens the bottle of love Dan again the love Dan will emit an invisible and tasteless gas Once the opposite sex around him smells it he will be attracted by the hormones on the boss and can't stop Yang Xiaoguang blinked Listening to Yan Wei's introduction he suddenly felt that this seemed to be a good thing! His eyes twinkled and he didn't know what he was thinking No no I'm a gentleman How could I do such a thing No I want to stick to myself! A little later Yang Xiaoguang coughed twice and said "Yan Wei is your aphrodisiac pill really so effective" "I've tested it on white mice and it's very effective" "So you haven't tried anyone yet" "This kind of aphrodisiac pill is very difficult to extract and it took me a lot of effort to re-extract these two pills" Besides this elixir is poisonous China Factory and I dare not use it indiscriminately Yang Xiaoguang He rolled his eyes and said "So you want me to test your medicine" Yan Wei scratched his head "There is no toxin in the Nudan used for aphrodisiac and the gas emitted only has aphrodisiac effect" But there are still toxins left in the main Dan and I can't bring them out even if I waste a lot of effort After a pause he added "But boss you are invulnerable to all kinds of poisons" This toxin is deadly to ordinary people but it should be harmless to bosses Because of the mysterious beads and fairy water Yang Xiaoguang's body is now very highly resistant to toxicity not highly toxic can not cause harm to Yang Xiaoguang at all He hesitated a little picked up the two pill bottles and looked at them a little Then he said "OK I'll try the medicine for you" But Dr Yan you must keep this matter secret "I won't say a word" ¡± Yang Xiaoguang thought for a moment and then said "And don't misuse it yourself" This Kyushu Hospital is my territory If you mess with the little nurse with this medicine I won't forgive you Yan Wei smiled bitterly "boss even if you give me a hundred courage I dare not mess up your territory again" I have already decided to use this medicine as a special medicine for boss after I extracted it Besides the main pill is poisonous and my Textiles & Leather Products body has no resistance to toxicity Taking the main pill is not a death wish "That's good" Yang Xiaoguang suddenly reacted and said "Don't talk nonsense What is my special medicine I'm just testing the medicine for you Yan Wei Hei Hei smiled "Yes yes drug testing drug testing" Yang Xiaoguang gave Yan Wei a white look and put the two medicine bottles into the space ring Moments later Yang Xiaoguang and Yan Wei came out of the inner room Anxi looked suspicious "What did you two do" Yang Xiaoguang smiled "Yan Wei has something to report to me about the Heavenly Palace" After a pause he looked at Anxi and said with a smile "Doctor An you've had a hard time" Wearing a white coat Anxi was tall and slender "Not so bad" she chuckled I am no longer a doctor on the front line and I have been studying pharmacy with Dr Yan I find it much more interesting to make drugs than to cure diseases "Well work hard Whether my Kyushu Hospital can become a world-class hospital depends entirely on your pharmacy laboratory" When Yang Xiaoguang finished he looked at Ji Lanmei and said "Lanmei let's go to the Alliance Office in Xijing to see the beauty" "Mmm" Ji Lan Mei nodded Subsequently Yang Xiaoguang left with Ji Lanmei Anxi looked a little complicated Yan Wei an old ghost looked at Anxi's eyes and figured out something Dr An speaking of which have you known our boss for some time With your beauty you should have a chance to become a boss woman Even if you can't be a wife you should have a chance to be a concubine trade-global.com