The question mark remains what else comes along with MUT 23 ltds cards those 17 game proposals? Are the increased pension benefits and minimum salary connected to the 17-game plan? Could they disappear if players don't want to play 17 games? If so, will more pay for younger players as well as more benefits for retired players justify not receiving up to 49 or even 50 percentage of revenues?

A few players would say it's. In the end, taking care of the entire group is the primary goal of the union. And when sacrificing a percentage or two gets the core players more money in their pockets, they'd want it.

Also, most players would like their week 17 pay to equal what they earn for the rest of the season. The pay will be set at $250.000 for the extra game. Then again, Peter King reported in his Football Morning in America column that individual players are able to get more money from their teams in Week 17. In the midst of requests for more funds, this appears as if it's the easiest to get.

The second issue is one that I've spoken about extensively: health care benefits after the players' careers are over. In the moment, we get five years' health insurance when the time we retire. For players, they want more as a 17th match and extra playoff games carry more risk to the body.

It is reported that Madden NFL 23 proposes changes to the current advantages of retired players such as the creation of clinics in Madden NFL 23 cities for retired players to visit. That brings about questions, foremost about who's paying for the services. The Madden NFL 23? For players, this isn't great enough and they want to know they are protected with insurance for the next five years.

I've previously proposed this, but a tiered system for health care is a good idea. You play for four seasons then you are given five years of health coverage. Five seasons equals seven years of medical insurance, and so on. It is not my expectation for owners to offer players lifetime health insurance however I doubt players will ask for this during negotiations.

If I had to make a guess, I would say that Madden NFL 23 participants will ultimately agree to the CBA this week following a meeting personally with their reps and the office of the league. This deal has plenty of things that the majority of players are willing to sign. 17 games. However, don't fall for the rumors: reduced practice time shouldn't be one of them. The players require more advantages and Madden 23 ltds more cash. At the end of the day, that is what they'll remember after retirement.