General Motors recently made a television commercial featuring their GM Volt vehicle. The commercial is famously noted for telling the oil companies that the "relationship is over" ;.These are the connection between their cars and using gas as preferred energy source.

Technology can be a ways off before car makers can truly say the connection is finished but it will raise a fascinating argument. How long can it take for oil and gas to be phased out as the origin of fuel for the vehicles we drive? As gas approaches $4 and $5 a gallon this question becomes more and more important.

Another reason this question is important is basically because analyst say we are reaching what is called "peak oil." That's the economies of the entire world demand more oil than so what can feasibly be made by oil cartels. Once peak oil is reached and it can no longer be expanded in dimension markets for oil and gas will shoot through the roof. It would have been a scary world.

Just what exactly can be done in order to avoid this fate? Oil and gas needs to be cut off as the supply choice for vehicles or at the very least subsidized by a serious contender.

Of all technologies in the pipeline electric powered vehicles seem to be another generation. As several car makers near or have released electric powered vehicles this idea continues to expand. GM has already released its electric hybrid vehicle referred to as the Volt. Under the Chevy brand the Volt can go 35 miles entirely on an electric charge that is very same of paying an average of $1 per gallon. After going 35 miles the Volt switches to a gas engine.

Nissan is releasing the Leaf. This really is a completely electric only vehicle. It doesn't have tail pipe and no gas tank. Instead it's power by a battery that will go about 100 miles about the same charge.

They're good developments for those not benefiting from high gas prices. This means that individuals are moving in a direction away from oil. As electric vehicles ramp up in production and people buy them oil consumption could slow in some countries  quoi faire aujourdhui. Within 10 years electric vehicles could significantly function as catalyst for changing dependence on oil. Electric companies would take advantage of extra business.