Does free marketing on yelp work?

In a moment, you might find how free Yelp marketing will take your business to the next level with the power of positive customer reviews and ratings, and why you will need to list your business there too.

Yelp attracts a phenomenal 25 million users every month. These users are searching for recommendations and warnings of local businesses and services that they are interested in visiting or using.

For local business owners, this is a wonderful opportunity to expose your company to the web masses for FREE and to dominate the local area with the merchandise or services you offer.

Here's a typical example of how Yelp will take your company to the next level.

A few years ago I was buying local mechanic in Los Angeles California who could do a best wishes servicing my older Lexus at a reasonable price. Mechanics, generally, are popular for "up-selling" people on other services that they give in order to bill you more when the work is finally done.

Not in the mood for an "up-sell," as opposed to call my friends and family for a referral, I took my search online to Yelp.

Here's how I found a good affordable and reliable mechanic that came highly recommended by other Los Angeles residents.

I went along to Yelp, keyed in "mechanic, Los Angeles" and I basically find the guy with the most reviews and highest rating. After I read a several reviews, the option was clear. He was the right guy for the job. Simple. Done.

As of this writing, that same mechanic has over 150 terrific reviews (almost double another closest competitor) and he'd a 5 star rating (the highest). Certainly, most of these customers will continue steadily to come back to use his services for years into the future and will recommend him for their friends and family. In addition, think of all of the others which used his services centered on those reviews, but haven't had the full time yet to write their own reviews. That could be in the thousands.

To top all of it off, his website is indeed old and is in dire need of a redesign that it's obvious that he is far too busy to place any attention on it Québec. Completely understandable based how thriving his local car mechanic shop is. For his type of local service, his website played a secondary role to the reviews he has on Yelp.