Welcome to the Seven Wonder City Islamabad! This stunning city is a true gem in Pakistan with its beautiful architecture, scenic landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. If you're planning a trip to this amazing city, then make sure not to miss out on these five must-see features that are bound to leave you in awe. From majestic mosques and monuments to serene lakes and lush national parks, there's something for everyone here in the Seven Wonder City Islamabad Location Map. So let's dive into the top attractions that you simply can't afford to miss during your visit!

Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque, located in the heart of Islamabad, is one of the most iconic landmarks in Pakistan. This beautiful mosque was built to commemorate the visit of King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia to Pakistan back in 1966.

One unique feature of this mosque is its modern and minimalistic architecture. The clean lines and sharp angles give it a contemporary aesthetic that sets it apart from traditional Islamic mosques.

The interior boasts a large prayer hall that can accommodate up to 100,000 worshippers at once. The intricate marble flooring and stunning chandeliers add an air of grandeur to the space.

Faisal Mosque also has four towering minarets that stand at over 260 feet tall each. These minarets are visible from miles away and make for breathtaking views both during the day and at night when they are lit up.

Faisal Mosque is not just a religious site but also an architectural masterpiece that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Pakistan Monument

The Pakistan Monument is a must-see destination in Seven Wonder City Islamabad. It's an iconic monument that represents the culture and history of Pakistan, making it a popular attraction for both locals and tourists alike.

Located at Shakarparian Hills, the monument comprises four main petals representing each of Pakistan's provinces. The intricate designs on these petals depict the country's diverse heritage and rich cultural traditions.

Inside the monument, there is a museum that showcases various aspects of Pakistani culture such as art, literature, music, and architecture through interactive exhibits. Visitors can learn about the country's history and its struggle for independence from British rule.

Surrounding the monument are beautifully landscaped gardens with walking trails where visitors can enjoy scenic views of Islamabad city below. Additionally, there are several cafes nearby where you can grab a bite to eat while taking in stunning views of Margalla Hills.

Visiting the Pakistan Monument offers an immersive experience into Pakistani culture and history that shouldn't be missed when exploring Seven Wonder City Islamabad.

Rawal Lake

Rawal Lake is one of the most sought after attractions in Islamabad. It is an artificial lake that spans over 8.8 square kilometers and was created by constructing a dam across the Korang River. The lake offers stunning views of the Margalla Hills, which serve as its backdrop.

Visitors to Rawal Lake can indulge in various activities such as boating, fishing, and picnicking along its banks. The lake has a well-maintained park with facilities for children's play areas, walking tracks, and restaurants serving delicious local cuisine.

For those who love nature walks or bird watching, there are several trails around Rawal Lake where you can spot different species of birds that migrate to the area during winter months.

One interesting feature about Rawal Lake is that it serves as a source of drinking water for Islamabad residents. To ensure water quality remains high, visitors should avoid throwing any waste into the lake or surrounding areas.

Rawal Lake is an excellent place to visit if you want to escape from busy city life and immerse yourself in nature's beauty while enjoying some fun-filled activities with family and friends.

Lok Virsa Museum

The Lok Virsa Museum is a must-visit destination in Islamabad for anyone interested in Pakistani culture and heritage. The museum showcases folk art, crafts, music, and traditions from all over the country.

Upon arriving at the museum, visitors are greeted by a stunning entrance decorated with intricate tile work that sets the tone for what's inside. Inside the museum, there are various galleries showcasing different aspects of Pakistani culture such as textiles, jewelry, pottery and more.

One of the most striking exhibits is an impressive collection of traditional costumes worn by people from different regions of Pakistan. Each ensemble represents unique regional styles and highlights the diversity within Pakistan's cultural landscape.

Visitors can also enjoy live performances of music and dance on weekends which further brings alive Pakistan's rich cultural heritage. There’s even a craft bazaar where visitors can buy authentic handicrafts made by local artisans.

Visiting Lok Virsa Museum is an opportunity to immerse oneself in Pakistan’s colorful history through its diverse range of artifacts and displays.

Margalla Hills National Park

Margalla Hills National Park is a stunning natural attraction located in the heart of Islamabad. The park covers an area of over 17,000 acres and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys. It's a perfect destination for nature lovers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Margalla Hills are home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Visitors can explore the park on foot or by bike, taking in scenic trails that wind through lush forests and rugged terrain. There are also several picnic spots throughout the park where visitors can relax and enjoy a meal with friends or family.

One notable feature of Margalla Hills National Park is its rock formations, which provide an excellent opportunity for rock climbing enthusiasts. The park has several designated climbing areas, each with varying degrees of difficulty, making it suitable for climbers at all skill levels.

In addition to hiking and climbing opportunities, the park also features several historic sites such as Daman-e-Koh viewpoint that offer panoramic views across Islamabad cityscape . Visitors can learn about local history while enjoying incredible vistas from these scenic locations within Pakistan's capital city.

Margalla Hills National Park is an unmissable attraction for anyone visiting Seven Wonder City Islamabad seeking adventure or relaxation amidst nature's beauty - truly deserving one among seven wonders!


Islamabad is truly a city of wonders and it has so much to offer. From breathtaking views of Margalla Hills to magnificent landmarks such as Faisal Mosque and Pakistan Monument, there's never a dull moment in this city.

Visiting Rawal Lake for water sports or simply enjoying the serene environment and exploring the cultural heritage of Lok Virsa Museum are just some of the many activities you can enjoy while in Islamabad.

Make sure to add Seven Wonder City Islamabad on your list of must-visit destinations because this city will definitely leave you mesmerized with its beauty and charm.