EA acknowledged this in their response to the allegations from Weismart's blog

It mixes elements of Mut 21 coins fantasy sports-style team direction together with the deck-building of a classic card game. The loot box component comes from packs which players can buy to improve their teams. Those microtransactions make Ultimate Team the most rewarding mode in EA's sports games.

On the 1 hand, it's easy to write off this for anyone without skin in the sport. If somebody's already spending tens of thousands of bucks opening packs, why shouldn't they go right to the source and get the players they need? But for the players that are active in Ultimate Team, it seems like a betrayal. Since Nick put it,"So we grind/trade/open packs and can't touch these PIM players, but EA workers sell them to individuals secretly for $1,700?!?!" It creates an even wider gap between the haves and have-nots in the game, without even the veneer of players earning high-rated players through skill.

EA acknowledged this in their response to the allegations. They stated that accounts were used to"inappropriately" give players access to highly rated cards they hadn't earned through gameplay, opening packs, or other authorized means (i.e., watching Twitch streams). They blamed it on compromised accounts or EA employees going into business for themselves. EA announced an investigation into the misconduct, promising to buy Madden 21 coins take actions against any players and workers caught participate in the supreme Team black sector. Though they did not define what action would be taken against employees engaged in the scandal, players will be prohibited forever.

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