Antique rugs can add a touch of style and colour to any room, but how do you keep rugs clean, fresh and looking as good as the day you brought them home? We look into a few carpet cleaning methods that are safe for your rugs.

Feeling a sumptuous rug underfoot is one of life's pleasures, and welcome warmth in a home with bare floors. We love restored floorboards, oiled parquet or flagstone flooring, but equally we adore the contrast of colourful rugs styled throughout a room! Opting for a carpet free area is often about practicality as much as it is about style, so it's important to know how to keep rugs just as clean as your floor. Victorian Style Furniture

Our collection of vintage oriental rugs feature many intricately hand woven wool rugs that will last for many years to come. Taking a little time to maintain your rugs will ensure they are enjoyed for many years to come.


Keeping your rug dust free is the easiest way to keep it looking it's best, whether in a hallway or tucked away in a rarely used room, dust will settle among the fibres. Rug fibres can house pollen and dust mites but hoovering several times a week will pick up the majority of this.

When hoovering the top of the rug, always turn off the rotating brush or beater bar to avoid catching the rug - use hoover suction only. Flip the rug over several times to loosen and shake out any deep seated grit, which will damage the rug over time. Use the suction tool to hoover the fringes and edges.

If you'd rather use a traditional rug cleaning method, we'd recommend finding a vintage rug beater and a good carpet brush. Hang the rug over your washing line or wall and beat the dirt out, and enjoy relieving some stress at the same time! Use a stiff carpet brush afterwards to lift the fibres.


Whether its an antique runner rug in the hallway or a persian rug under a coffee table, busy family homes can lead to accidents. So how do you clean up spills on rugs? Speed is of the essence and cleaning liquid spills quickly will prevent unnecessary damage being done.

Our top tip with antique rug cleaning is to blot not rub! Using a cloth, blot from the outside of the spill to prevent it from spreading further and scoop up anything sitting on top of the rug.

Perisan Yazd Rug


Always start with water, particularly if it's a water-based mark. It's surprising how many stains will lift with some water, blot a little water on, blot off with a dry cloth or towel. Repeat a few times without getting your rug too wet and let it air dry.

For most everyday stains, you shouldn't need to buy any special rug cleaning products, you'll be able to use what you have in your cupboards already. You can have this mixture ready to go - fill a spray bottle with a small amount of mild detergent and water, spray this onto a cloth (not directly onto the stain), blot and repeat to lift the stain.

Tougher stains might need some extra oomph, but there are still natural methods that can be used such as vinegar and detergent with water blotted onto the area, and blotted off again with water and finally with a dry cloth.

You might need to use a specially formulated carpet cleaner, especially with pet urine. Find a product that contains enzymes that works against odour causing bacteria, as this may prevent pets from going back to the same place. You should always test products and other methods in an inconspicuous place before using. Different types of rugs such a jute or sisal may need to be cleaned using different methods.


Smells settle in fabrics and rugs are no different to your curtains. A cheap and natural method that we highly recommend to freshen up your rug is bicarbonate of soda. Sprinkle lightly over the entire rug and work in gently with a soft brush to penetrate the fibres. Leave this natural deodoriser to work for up to 24 hours and hoover!

There are lots of products such a shakes and sprays that can be applied to your rug, but please test these before using on an antique rug to prevent future damage or colour loss.

Eastern Red Wool Rug


In the event that you can't clean a stain, or you have inherited a rug that needs a little more TLC than you can give it, please look at professional rug cleaning. Deep cleaning rugs is best to be carried out by experts in the field who will handle your rug carefully whilst cleaning it in the most suitable way. They use a variety of methods such a steam cleaning, dry cleaning or hand washing, which is generally reserved for the most expensive hand woven rugs. Charges are usually calculated by the square foot. Look for good reviews from past customers!

 'I always begin a room with a the rug; it is literally the foundation of the space' - Lee Radizwill, American socialite and interior designer.


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