With the Patch 2.6 ranged weapon Enchant buff, there's a new insane Fire build around. While this Sorceress build has always existed to some degree, it's never been THIS strong. The Enchant Sorceress (aka Enchantress) uses Demon Machine to melt her enemies with powerful, piercing projectiles. Farming Spots for example The Secret Cow Level and Stony Tomb remain completely scorched by her Enchant imbued Attack, even just in High Player Count! With Flame Rift, Flickering Flame, and Infinity no area is off-limits. Everything burns!

Enchant Sorceress can also be one of the most iconic support builds. A high Skill Level Enchant enables completely new Characters to fast-level with Raven Claw because of its missile Area of Effect (AoE). Make public leveling games with The Secret Cow Level portal open and employ Enchant on anyone who enters. Enchant may also make other melee or ranged Physical builds (for example Frenzy Barbarian, Zeal Paladin, Strafe Amazon, and Multiple Shot Amazon) crazy strong. The massive quantity of Fire Damage it contributes to a Mercenary's weapon has interesting applications too (begin to see the "Nova Enchant" Build Variant). There are several fun and great ways to incorporate Enchant right into a build. Try them all if you're able to!


Stony Tomb ONLY - High Density, Many Elite Groups, No Immunities

Burial Grounds + Crypt + Mausoleum - Super Chests, No Immunities

Flayer Jungle + Flayer Dungeon - High Density, Many Elite Groups, No Immunities

The Secret Cow Level - High Density, Easy Mobility, No Immunities

Tal Rasha's Tombs - Quick Access, Many Elite Groups, High Density, Few Immunities

D2R Ladder Items


Chaos Sanctuary - High Elemental Damage, Immunities

Provincial - High Elemental Damage, Immunities

Act 2 Sewers - Immunities

City from the Damned + River of Flame - High Elemental Damage, Immunities

Blood Moor + Den of Evil - Low Density, Few Elite Groups, Immunities


The Starter Support Enchant Sorceress achieves a good mid-level Enchant with simple-to-acquire gear. It is a buff-only setup that's designed to provide support to newly-made Characters at first of a Ladder. Using Raven Claw because of its missile Area of Effect (AoE), new Characters can fast-level while imbued having a strong Enchant. The Starter variant does a good job of empowering melee and ranged Physical attackers generally. This gear may also be used to pre-buff the offensive Enchant Sorceress builds for any massive damage boost (begin to see the "Standard Bow Enchant" variant and beyond). Items for example Leaf, Enlightenment, Volcanic Circlet, and Volcanic Amulet, along with other cheap + to Skills gear significantly help in making this build effective.


A Mercenary isn't needed for any Support Enchant Sorceress.


The Starter Support Enchant Sorceress setup is just concerned with boosting Enchant's on-hit Fire Damage.

Put 1 Skill Point into each of the following Skills:

1. Teleport

Max the following Skills within this order:

1. Enchant

2. Warmth

3. Fire Mastery

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