Looking for all your details on Path Of Exile’s Atlas passive tree? POE Currency is most beneficial and known for its massive, complex passive skill tree, thus it should be no surprise that the Siege from the Atlas expansion introduced another. The early 2022 Siege with the Atlas expansion consolidated the previous Atlas region trees, then expanded them to a single, massive tree that affects your whole Atlas. There are a lot of extra options here, and also the good news is the fact nearly every node around the tree is powerful. You can just grab nodes for content you love without concern about falling behind the progression curve. Plus, the Sentinel league expansion added new Atlas keystones and nodes that remove content about to catch interest. If you’re undecided about how the tree works, or you are considering some strategy ideas for Kalandra league, the following information has you covered?


How to make use of the Atlas passive tree in Path Of Exile

After killing Kitava in Act 10 to finish the cheap poe orbs campaign, players will probably be greeted using a new epilogue sequence. Meet while using newly promoted Commander Kirac to obtain a free map and commence your journey with the Atlas of Worlds. If you open the Atlas (G will be the default key bind) and hover spanning a map, you will observe a “bonus objective” for your map, which typically requires one to run the map in a specific rarity and crush the map boss. Each bonus objective you complete will award some time to spend on your own Atlas passive tree.

For most with the endgame, it’s so simple. Run more maps, progress the new Atlas, and enhance your maps from the tree. There are 117 maps to perform, as well as providing almost all your Atlas passive points. There are also an extra 11 points you can generate from the Maven and her invitations, the Eldritch bosses, plus the Uber Elder. Most players are unlikely to earn all 128 points though and will plan on having 80 to 100 points to do business with on their Atlas tree.

Recommended Atlas methods for league start

It is incredibly difficult to go awry with the Atlas passive tree, however, some nodes will probably be especially powerful in the early days and weeks of the league. Below we’ll digest some of the best choices for new characters and players. Patch 3.19 introduced several significant changes to old league mechanics like Harvest and Beyond, and also the change from Exalted Orbs to Divine Orbs being a cost for meta crafting indirectly nerfed mechanics like Harbinger and Strongboxes. Our updated Atlas strategies will reflect these changes and prepare you for the new trade economy.

Essences and Harvest

Essence nodes are incredibly easy to recommend because every player might make use of Essences. While Essences constitute the base of countless complex crafts, they’re also one of the easiest, most accessible methods for inexperienced players to buy better gear. If you need generic stats like resists or attack speed, you can get them with essences. You can guarantee an Essence in every map together with your first few points, and boost their tiers and availability together with the higher wheels.

That's what is needed to get started while using the new Atlas passive tree in Path Of Exile! There are loads of powerful options, and you could mix and match these strategies as you prepare with the new endgame bosses. If you haven't picked your league starter yet, use our help guide to picking your Kalandra league starter build, to begin with. If you're a new player and desire advice for your campaign, have a look at our guides to Path Of Exile skill point locations plus the Trials of Ascendancy.