To Truly Know Is to not know Anything In regards to the World. Whenever you are now living in circumstances of non-judgment, you naturally are now living in circumstances of ultimate freedom and compassion because you accept everyone and everything whatever happens.

The I-don't-know mind is the highest state of mind, greater than “yes” or “no.” This really is essential. This state of mind doesn't judge. It doesn't interpret: good, bad, right, wrong. acim It is near true knowledge, the knowledge of God.Opinions block true knowledge. Anything you've a preconception of would block true knowing. The reason being opinions and preconceptions stop you from an event of innocent perception.  They stop you occupied in just a self-concept. In addition you miss both today's moment and the guidance that's available if you are occupied with intellectually “knowing” something or surviving in autopilot mode.The only way to return to divine innocence is when you are able say, “Wow! I have already been mistaken about absolutely everything. Not 99.9 percent mistaken. I have already been completely hoodwinked; I have already been completely deceived. I've been mistaken about everything!” When you discover yourself in this state you will feel truly free and truly happy because you've detached from the pressure of the “I-know mind&rdquo ;.

This Moment Is Your Miracle brings you tools to reverse all fearful thoughts and beliefs. Using these tools makes it possible to find the complete sense of freedom and peace you've been yearning for.