When you're playing a game, you may come across bosses or difficult levels that make you feel a headache, sad, or give up. Although you face these setbacks, the most important thing to remember is that they are designed obstacles, they will not stop you, and they are the only way to success. All obstacles can be overcome by improving skills, creativity or just relaxing and getting back in good shape.

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What You Must Know Before Combat

The green life bar below the red life bar is the core of the battle. All the sprint, dodge, and block attacks that will be used in the fight will consume the energy of the green life bar. When the green life bar is exhausted, all combat operations will be exhausted. Without stamina, this is very important.


Basic combat flow

In the event of an attack you can't react to, use R3 to lock it, and use L1 to raise the shield simultaneously, which can effectively block the damage. When using a shield to block damage, it will quickly consume stamina. When attacking, you must put down the shield to recover quickly.


 Now, slow attacks will consume your stamina, and rolling can help us avoid damage and improve stamina efficiency. You should be wearing the ultimate most defensive armor possible while keeping your equipment load below 70% for your roll to be quick and effective.


When fighting, you should pay attention to the enemy's position and movement trajectory, find ways to avoid enemy attacks and attack loopholes, use blocking and rolling to fight and combine fast and slow attack methods during combat to effectively avoid damage and maximize stamina Deal maximum damage to bosses.


Guard Counters

A new way of fighting has emerged in Elden Ring Runes, after blocking an enemy attack, use R2 when safe to execute a ward counterattack, these wards can perform a deadly attack with R1, dealing massive damage and breaking the armor of smaller enemies.


what is Super Armor

This is the armor equipment that bosses and enemies automatically generate when they take damage R1 can be a fatal blow, and the attack speed is faster and safe. The R2 attack has higher armor damage. Since the super armor will regenerate, it needs continuous and stable Damage, and R1 continuous and stable output, using an R2 attack when the boss collapses is a good way to defeat the boss.


 If you want to maximize damage output, you can hold the weapon in both hands, hold down Triangle" or "Y", then tap R1 or L1 to hold the right hand with both hands, the attack with both hands will have more combo action and armor damage. Attack At the same time, you can defend by blocking with both hands, Proper use of the Guard Counters will have an unexpected effect on the battle.


The Role of the D-Pad

The selection of equipment and the casting of spells is inseparable from the use of the D-Pad. Press and hold the D-Pad for quick access. The top of the D-Pad can cycle through the currently selected spells, and you can browse your weapons and equipment by pressing left or right, and replace them with suitable  Weapons and spells can help end battles quickly.



If you die, your runes will all drop, which can be retrieved using the compass. Of course, you can also be resurrected, and both the Land of Grace and the Stake of Marika can resurrect you. If you choose Stake of Marika to resurrect, it is possible to resurrect in a difficult area or an area close to the boss, but the resurrection in Stake of Marika reduces the difficulty of collecting runes, so if you don't want to move on, it is better to resurrect here Good choice.


When you're in trouble in the game, you can seek out Furlcalling Finger Remedies, and when you consume them, you can see other players' summoning signs and call for help. Or the summoning pool located in the key area of the summoning place can also access the summoning signs of other players, and you can choose the most convenient method to seek help.