We often stress the importance of proper ventilation in Dome Greenhouses. This is because ventilation is the main component in a healthy, happy greenhouse garden. Without it, your greenhouse and plants will be exposed to a multitude of problems. Greenhouse ventilation helps prevent fungal infections and provides plants with the fresh air they need to respirate, photosynthesize and grow strong. It also aids in regulating temperature and humidity levels.Get more news about Greenhouse Exhaust Fan,you can vist our website!

Understanding why greenhouse ventilation is so important will help you make the best choices on how and when to open doors, adjust vents and thermostats, and turn on fans. Fresh Air and Respiration Plants ‘breathe’. The leaves of your plants inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide through the process of respiration. While during the day, photosynthesis causes plants to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

In general, there will be less photosynthesis happening in the winter and less respiration happening in the summer. Different day lengths and weather conditions can cause different gaseous imbalances that can stress and weaken your plants. There is no better safeguard against depletion of oxygen or carbon dioxide than regular ventilation, in both winter and summer.

Fungal Infections Fungal infections are the number one challenge for indoor gardeners. Some plants are more susceptible to them than others, but all plants can get fungal or ‘mildew’ infections. They spread through spores in the air. These spores are usually concentrated in tiny quantities and proliferate quickly when given the optimal growing conditions of wet, warm, protected spaces like your greenhouse. Funguses are essentially nature’s air-born decomposers. They will decompose almost any natural materials they land on, given the right environment. Once they infect your garden, they also infect soil and any natural materials in your greenhouse’s structure, like the struts. By adequately ventilating, you can prevent fungal infections before they begin and ensure your Growing Spaces greenhouse will withstand the test of time. Air Movement and Circulation Our immune function is dependent on a kind of experience in fighting off invaders, our muscles are dependent upon exercise to increase their strength, and so forth. Plants are the same.

A healthy greenhouse environment is a very protected space where gardens do not experience the adversities of natural life that all plants on earth have evolved to endure. Such as the full force of ultraviolet radiation, the impact of wind, pounding rain, many kinds of insects, and ever-changing soil conditions. Science has proved that all living organisms, including humans, are strengthened by healthy adversity.

One of the best and most effective ways of improving the strength and resilience of your plants is moving air. If the air ruffles your plants’ leaves, the plants are forced to develop a sturdy structure, therefore reinforcing them against disease and weakness.