Back tattoo removal, as well as tattoo removal in general, is on the rise. Fifty percent of the people who get tattoos end up removing them. Even though it is sometimes a very painful process of removal, for some people having gotten a tattoo is a very big regret, and they are determined to remove this unwanted tattoo.

Lower back tattoos became pretty popular with women in the 1990s. With low rise jeans, lower back tattoos seemed to add a sexy touch. However, many women have outgrown that fad. Also, as women get older, the effects of aging doesn't look that great on this once sexy tattoo.

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A lot of people, both men and women, get tattoos on their backs. They are usually big tattoos and sometimes cover most of their backs. It is not easy to remove such a large tattoo. Upper back tattoos usually are very intricate. They can cover parts of your upper arms as well.

Although back tattoos are mostly a beautiful form of body art, it is very hard sometimes especially for a woman to wear them. There is a certain stigma attached to tattoos. It can be a cause for embarrassment. So many women are getting rid of their tattoos.

The beautiful butterfly on the lower back that used to be so popular has lost its popularity and instead the term "tramp stamp" has been coined to refer to a tattoo in this area.

There are many ways of getting rid of your tattoo. Discover what your options are. There are at least fifteen different techniques of tattoo removal. Find out which one is right for you.

Here are some ways:

Excision. Surgical cutting out of your tattoo. This is carried out by a medical doctor.

Tattoo removal by laser. This is usually performed by a dermatologist. Even though this is the most used way of removing a tattoo, it is expensive. It requires several treatment sessions. It is also very painful and can leave scarring.


TCA. This was the method most commonly used before laser. TCA can be used at home. It is a non prescription peeling agent which gradually fades and/or removes your tattoo.

Other at home tattoo removal methods, such as dermabrasion and tattoo removing creams.

You should consider several factors, in order to make the most informed decision. Some of these factors are:

o cost for removal your tattoo

o effectiveness of method

o scarring possibilities

o pain involved

o time required for treatment and healing

Whatever you do, make an informed decision for your back tattoo removal. There will be one method which is the best for you. Choose that one technique and remove that unwanted tattoo.